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Friday 10 November 2017

Meteor Garden 2018

Meteor Garden 2018 China Drama
Drama: Meteor Garden 2018
Chinese Title: 流星花园 / Liu Xing Hua Yuan
Broadcast Network: Hunan TV
Broadcast Website: Mango TV
Broadcast Period: July 9, 2018 - August 29, 2018
Air Time: Monday to Thursday 22:00 (two episodes) (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Idol, Modern, Romance, School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Lin He-Lung
Screenwriter: Zhou Sujie, Fang Hui
Production Company: Mango Entertainment
Producer: Angie Chai
Origin: China
Source: Adapated from the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango by Yoko Kamio
Watch Episodes On: Netflix (eng subs), Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

An ordinary girl is admitted to the most prestigious school in the country where she encounters F4, the four wealthiest and most handsome boys in the school.

Shan Cai is an 18-year-old girl from a family that's barely able to make ends meet. Due to a turn of events, she gets accepted into a school that only accepts the upper class elites. She immediately clashes with her classmates especially Dao Ming Si who is spoiled, arrogant and a bully. She remains defiant even after becoming a target of a series of pranks intended to torment her and just when she's about to give up, Hua Ze Lei always seems to show up to lend her a helping hand.

Eventually, the four boys begin to acknowledge Shan Cai's unyielding personality that is like her namesake which is that of a weed that can never be brought down. She also begins to see the good in the boys, which paves the way for friendship and an eventual romance.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • Sixteen years after the Taiwanese drama starring Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Ken Chu and Vanness Wu became a certified hit, Producer Angie Chau announced in April 2017 that a remake is in the works.
  • On November 6, the new F4 was announced as they got together for a photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar.
  • The four boys have an average age and height of 21 years old and 185 cm making them the youngest and tallest F4 out of the other popular drama adaptations.
  • While Meteor Garden was airing, the F4 were invited to watch Wimbledon in England. Dylan Wang, Caesar Wu and Darren Chen ran into Tom Holland and they took a selfie together.
  • Barbie Hsu's younger sister Dee Hsu plays the role of Dao Mingsi's older sister.
  • Wang Lin and Amber Kuo also make a special appearance in the drama.
  • Filming took place in England and China.
  • The drama initially aired six episodes weekly from Monday to Wednesday. Beginning July 16, the schedule was changed to air eight episodes per week.
  • Shen Yue revealed that after she was selected as Shan Cai, she ran around the neighborhood in pajamas from excitement. Afterwards, she called her parents and her friends to share the news.
  • In the 2001 version of Meteor Garden, Harlem Yu appeared as a singer towards the end of the drama. He appears in the same manner in the remake to sing his hit song Qing Fei De Yi.
  • Penny Dai who sang the ending theme song Ni Yao De Ai in the 2001 version of Meteor Garden rearranges the song to make a new version for the remake.
  • In one scene when Dao Mingsi was sick in bed, Shen Yue's line was supposed to be, "Dao Mingsi wake up, I don't want you to die." Instead, she mistakenly said, "Huaze Lei wake up, I don't want you to die."
  • Darren Chen though it would be easy doing a headstand for the drama but because the crew had to film from many angles, his hands would start shaking. He also had to emote which ended up quite hard.
  • It broke past 1% in tv ratings and reached 100 million views online within 12 hours of its release.

Meteor Garden 2018 Shen Yue Shen Yue as Shan Cai
Meteor Garden 2018 Dylan Wang Dylan Wang as Dao Mingsi
Meteor Garden 2018 Darren Chen Darren Chen as Hua Zelei
Meteor Garden 2018 Caesar Wu Caesar Wu as Xi Men
Meteor Garden 2018 Leon Leong Leon Leong as Mei Zuoling
Meteor Garden 2018 Nicky Li Jiaqi Nicky Li Jiaqi as Xiao You
Meteor Garden 2018 Annie Sun Yihan Annie Sun Yihan as Teng Tangjing
Meteor Garden 2018 Sun Qian Sun Qian as He Yuanzi
Meteor Garden 2018 Wang Runze Wang Runze as Tian Ye

Supporting Cast
  • For You (For You) by Dylan Wang & Darren Chen & Leon Leong & Caesar Wu (王鹤棣&官鸿&梁靖康&吴希泽)
  • Ni Yao De Ai ( Shen Ye Ban ) (你要的爱(深夜版)) by Dai Pei Ni (戴佩妮)
  • Fei Tong Xiao Ke (非同小可) by Dylan Wang (王鹤棣)
  • Chuang Zao Hui Yi (创造回忆) by Dylan Wang & Darren Chen & Leon Leong & Caesar Wu (王鹤棣&官鸿&梁靖康&吴希泽)
  • Xiang Ni Xiang Dao Kuai Feng Le (想你想到快疯了) by Caesar Wu (吴希泽)
  • Xiang Ni Xiang Dao Kuai Feng Le (想你想到快疯了) by Clover Kao (高隽雅)
  • Deng Yi Ge Ren (等一个人) by Lin Xin Yi (林芯仪)
  • Liu Xing Yu (流星雨) by F4
  • Qing Fei De Yi (情非得已) by Yu Cheng Qing (庾澄庆)
  • River by Bishop Briggs (Bishop Briggs)
  • Say Something (Say Something) by A Great Big World (A Great Big World)
  • Anyone of Us (Anyone of Us) by Gareth Gates (Gareth Gates)
  • Cong Lai Mei Xiang Dao (从来没想到) by Dylan Wang & Darren Chen & Leon Leong & Caesar Wu (王鹤棣&官鸿&梁靖康&吴希泽)
  • Xiang Du Bu Yong Xiang (想都不用想) by Dylan Wang (王鹤棣)
  • Hua Bei Hou De Wen Rou (花背后的温柔) by Darren Chen (官鸿)
  • Xing Xing Shu Liu Xing (星星数流星) by Leon Leong (梁靖康)
  • Ai Cun Zai (爱,存在) by Wei Qi Qi (魏奇奇)
  • For You (For You) by Gong Gui Yue Fu & Zi Xing Xun Qian Cun Ping span (鐜嬮工妫?瀹橀缚&姊侀潠搴?鍚村笇娉?span>)
  • Huan Kang ( Di Bian Jian (浣犺鐨勭埍(娣卞鐗?) by Xi Cui Jiang Ru span (鎴翠僵濡?span>)
  • Tai Hao (闈炲悓灏忓彲) by Gong Gui span (鐜嬮工妫?span>)
  • Yun Jian (鍒涢€犲洖蹇?) by Gong Gui Yue Fu & Zi Xing Xun Qian Cun Ping span (鐜嬮工妫?瀹橀缚&姊侀潠搴?鍚村笇娉?span>)
  • Chong Feng Chong Lang Jian Bang (鎯充綘鎯冲埌蹇柉浜?) by Cun Ping span (鍚村笇娉?span>)
  • Chong Feng Chong Lang Jian Bang (鎯充綘鎯冲埌蹇柉浜?) by Cha span (楂橀毥闆?span>)
  • Jiang Bian Juan Han (绛変竴涓汉) by Kua Xi span (鏋楄姱浠?span>)
  • Xian Gui (娴佹槦闆?) by F4
  • Xu Huan Yu Fan (鎯呴潪寰楀凡) by Qian Ju Qian span (搴炬緞搴?span>)
  • Xi Sa Li (浠庢潵娌℃兂鍒?) by Gong Gui Yue Fu & Zi Xing Xun Qian Cun Ping span (鐜嬮工妫?瀹橀缚&姊侀潠搴?鍚村笇娉?span>)
  • Chou Shi Juan (鎯抽兘涓嶇敤鎯?) by Gong Gui span (鐜嬮工妫?span>)
  • Bian Qing Wei Jiao (鑺辫儗鍚庣殑娓╂煍) by Yue Fu (瀹橀缚)
  • Jian Suo Ban Wu (鏄熸槦鏁版祦鏄?) by Zi Xing Xun Qian span (姊侀潠搴?span>)
  • Bie Ying (鐖憋紝瀛樺湪) by Lan Lian span (榄忓濂?span>)

Episode Ratings
Hunan TV
DateEpisodeCSM52 Cities (%)CSM Nationwide (%)
RatingsAudience ShareRankingRatingsAudience ShareRanking
Average1 - 500.8386.2830.9028.011

Meteor Garden 2018 China Drama
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Meteor Garden 2018 China Drama
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Meteor Garden 2018 China Drama
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