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Thursday 15 December 2016

The Wasted Times

The Wasted Times China / Hong Kong Movie
Movie: The Wasted Times
Chinese Title: 罗曼蒂克消亡史 / Luo Man Di Ke Xiao Wang Shi
Release Date: December 16, 2016
Genre: Action, Spy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Cheng Er
Screenwriter: Cheng Er
Production Company: Huayi Brothers, Emperor Motion Group
Producer: Hu Xiaofeng
Origin: China / Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

When Mr. Lu, a powerful man in the Shanghai Bund, becomes the target of an assassination, the lives of the people around him take different courses.

In 1930’s. Mr. Lu is ambushed during an important meeting with the Japanese army, but his sister’s husband, Watabe sacrifices himself to save Mr. Lu. Worse still, the Japanese brutally murder Mr. Lu’s children and sister. To avenge their deaths, Mr. Lu’s mistress attempts to kill the culprit but ends up dead. Years later as the Sino-Japanese war comes to a close, Mr. Lu visits the abandoned wife of his former boss, Mrs. Wang. She reveals the astonishing truth of the tragedy... (Source: Emperor Motion Pictures)

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Beijing, Sanya and Tianjin.
  • Filming lasted around four months beginning on October 22, 2014 and ending on February 9, 2015.
  • Ge You and Zhang Ziyi are both from Beijing but they had to speak the Shanghainese dialect in the movie.

The Wasted Times Ge You Ge You as Lu Xiansheng
The Wasted Times Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi as Xiao Liu
The Wasted Times Gillian Chung Yan-tung Gillian Chung Yan-tung as Xiao Wu
The Wasted Times Tadanobu Asano Tadanobu Asano as Watabe
The Wasted Times Yuan Quan Yuan Quan as Wu Xiaojie
The Wasted Times Du Chun Du Chun as Che Fu
The Wasted Times Yan Ni Yan Ni as Wang Ma

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Dai Wo Hui Shang Hai T T (带我回上海(Take Me To Shanghai)) by H (John Hughes & íse Downes)
  • Ba Bei Shang Liu Gei Zi Ji (把悲伤留给自己) by Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou & Zhong Xin Tong (左小祖咒 & 钟欣潼)
  • Ni Zai He Chu Wo Fu (你在何处,我父) by Da Shi Xing Ci Lang (大石幸次郎)
  • Luo Man Di Ke Xiao Wang Shi (罗曼蒂克消亡史) by Zuo Xiao Zu Zhou & Shang Wen Jie (左小祖咒&尚雯婕)

The Wasted Times China / Hong Kong Movie
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The Wasted Times China / Hong Kong Movie
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