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Saturday 31 December 2016

Zhao Ge

Zhao Ge China Drama
Drama: Zhao Ge
Chinese Title: 朝歌 / Zhao Ge
Broadcast Date: TBA
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Li Dachao, Liu Zhenming, Ren Haiyao, Zhu Lihe
Screenwriter: Yu Zheng
Production Company: Huanyu Film, Cathay Media
Executive Producer: Yu Zheng
Chief Producer: Li Xiuzhen
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Zhao Ge is about the revolution that ended the days of the Shang dynasty. It follows the complicated relations between Ji Fa, Su Daji and the king of the Shang dynasty.

A fox demon (Li Yitong) is sent to the mortal realm to hasten the destruction of the Shang Dynasty. A king named Di Xin (Bao Jianfeng) has brought the nation to prominence at the same time the son of the king of Zhou named Ji Fa (Zhang Zhehan) is held hostage. The fox spirit finds a vessel in Su Daji (Wu Jinyan), the beautiful daughter of Lord Su Hu who is summoned to become the king's woman. While in captivity, Ji Fa begins to study and learn martial arts while simultaneously garnering support from the people oppressed by the current regime. After a bloody revolution, he becomes the Emperor of Zhou.

Fun Facts

  • It is Zhang Zhehan and Li Yitong's second drama together after Demon Girl.
  • Filming began on September 13, 2016 in Xinjiang.
  • After five months, filming wrapped on February 7, 2017 in Hengdian World Studios.
  • Yu Zheng revealed that he offered her a part in Zhao Ge after Li Yitong had already gained fame playing Huang Rong. He got mad when her boss asked for 10 million yuan but Li Yitong and her manager Yan Zi went to find him with a blank contract. He filled it up with the talent fee of 200,000 yuan.

Zhao Ge Zhang Zhehan Zhang Zhehan as Ji Fa
Zhao Ge Wu Jinyan Wu Jinyan as Da Ji
Zhao Ge Jeff Bao Jianfeng Jeff Bao Jianfeng as Di Xin
Zhao Ge Xu Kai Xu Kai as Yang Jian
Zhao Ge Gillian Chung Yan-tung Gillian Chung Yan-tung as He Sang
Zhao Ge Merxat Mi Re Merxat Mi Re as Wu Geng
Zhao Ge Wu Jiayi Wu Jiayi as Yi Jiang
Zhao Ge Bai Lu Bai Lu as Deng Chanyu
Zhao Ge He Fengtian He Fengtian as Shen Gongbao
Zhao Ge Lian Lian Lian Lian as Huang Fei
Zhao Ge Lin Youwei Lin Youwei as Jiang Shang
Zhao Ge Chen Shu Chen Shu as Nu Wo
Zhao Ge Liu Min Liu Min as Chao Xi
Zhao Ge Li Yitong Li Yitong as Hu Xianer
Zhao Ge Du Tianhao Du Tianhao as Ji Kao

Supporting Cast
  • Zhu Qiao Yin (朱雀吟) by Dai Ding (待定)

Zhao Ge China Drama
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Zhao Ge China Drama

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