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Tuesday 15 November 2016

Weapon & Soul

Weapon & Soul China Drama
Drama: Weapon & Soul
Chinese Title: 器灵 / Qi Ling
Broadcast Date: November 16, 2016
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Inspirational, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 15
Director: Tian Chuan
Origin: China
Related: Weapon and Soul Season 2
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

Love Meter

Weapon & Soul Peng Yuchang Peng Yuchang as Mo Ming
Weapon & Soul Sun Xuening Sun Xuening as Yan Qiang Chong Li
Weapon & Soul Chen Ruoxuan Chen Ruoxuan as Liu Mingrui
Weapon & Soul Wang Bowen Wang Bowen as Bai Tianluo
Weapon & Soul Guo Yilin Guo Yilin as Yu Qiu

Supporting Cast
  • Hu Huan Ni De Ming Zi ( Zhong Wen Ban ) (呼唤你的名字(中文版)) by Sun Xuening (孙雪宁)
  • Hu Huan Ni De Ming Zi ( Ri Wen Ban ) (呼唤你的名字(日文版)) by Yi Dan Ai Li (伊丹·爱莉)
  • Dong De (懂得) by Xue Ning (雪宁)

Weapon & Soul China Drama
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Weapon & Soul China Drama
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