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Saturday 3 December 2016

Beauty Private Kitchen

Beauty Private Kitchen China Drama
Drama: Beauty Private Kitchen
Chinese Title: 美人私房菜 / Mei Ren Si Fang Cai
Broadcast Network: Zhejiang TV, Anhui TV
Broadcast Date: December 4, 2016
Genre: Historical, Idol, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Liang Xinquan
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a long lost princess who grows up to become a famous chef in Jiang Nan.

In the midst of turmoil during the year of Xuan He in the Song Dynasty, Yue Die who is a royal princess was adopted by Song Wu Sao when she was five. Under Song Wu Sao's care, Yu Die learned culinary skills and even opened Tian Xiang Lou. As marriage was approaching between Yu Die and her childhood sweetheart, Li Ma, the fate of the two began to change dramatically. A fire burned Tian Xiang Lou to the ground and Li Ma was imprisoned. Furthermore, they become embroiled in the Jing Kang incident. Yu Die's identity as a princess was exposed and she gets caught in the middle of the affairs between the nations. Will Yu Die and Li Ma be able to find their happily ever after?

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • It premiered December 4, 2016 on Zhejiang TV and Anhui TV.
  • It is the second collaboration of Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu after their couple pairing in Sword of Legends. They will have a third collaboration in the upcoming drama Cry Me A Sad River.
  • Zheng Shuang and Ma Tianyu often had to do retakes because they would call each other by their Sword of Legends character names.
  • Despite the popularity of both leads, the drama which has completed filming since 2014 didn't air until the end of 2016. Unfortunately, it was taken off the air and replaced by City Still Believe in Love due to low ratings.

Beauty Private Kitchen Zheng Shuang Zheng Shuang as Song Yudie
Beauty Private Kitchen Ray Ma Tianyu Ray Ma Tianyu as Li Ma

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Hui Meng You Xian (回梦游仙) by Chun Yin Le (纯音乐)

Beauty Private Kitchen China Drama
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