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Wednesday 13 July 2016

Angel Wings

Angel Wings China Drama
Drama: Angel Wings
Chinese Title: 隐形的翅膀 / Yin Xing De Chi Bang
Broadcast Date: July 14, 2016
Genre: Family, Life, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 48
Director: Lin Qingzhen, Ma Huagan
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Duan He Hua (Qiu Xin Zhi), his wife Min Na (Jia Jing Wen) and their children form a loving family of four. However, a tragedy ruins their picture perfect life with the passing of their daughter. Shortly after, Duan He Hua adopts another young girl named An Qi (Wang Yi Zhe) but there is a greater conspiracy behind his seeming act of kindness.

Fun Facts

  • The TV series premiered on Jul. 14, 2016 on Shen Chuan TV and it promises to be a tear-jerker. Jia Jing Wen admits that she initially declined the role for almost a year because it was simply too heart-wrenching. Qiu Xin Zhi had crying scenes every so often that there were not enough tissues to wipe away his tears.

Angel Wings Alyssa Chia Alyssa Chia as Min Na
Angel Wings Qiu Xinzhi Qiu Xinzhi as Duan Hehua
Angel Wings Wang Yizhe Wang Yizhe as An Qi
Angel Wings Vin Zhang Binbin Vin Zhang Binbin as Duan Gang

Supporting Cast
  • Tian Shi Xiao Yan (天使笑颜) by Yang Qian Shi (杨蒨时)
  • Xi Huan Ni (喜欢你) by Chen Hui Yi (陈晖宜)
  • Listen - Yin Xing De Chi Bang (隐形的翅膀) by Wu Wen Fang (吴汶芳)
  • Listen - Bu Yi Er Fei (不翼而飞) by Liang Jing Ru (梁静茹)
  • Ke Yi De Hua (可以的话) by Liang Jing Ru (梁静茹)

Angel Wings China Drama
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