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Thursday 31 March 2016

My Beloved Bodyguard

My Beloved Bodyguard Hong Kong Movie
Movie: My Beloved Bodyguard
Chinese Title: 我的特工爷爷 / Wo De Te Gong Ye Ye
Release Date: April 1, 2016
Genre: Action
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Director: Hong Jinbao
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ding Hu (Sammo Hong) is a retired military officer and an expert martial artist but he loses his granddaughter during an innocent trip to the nearby park. Filled with regret, he moves back to the province where his memory continues to deteriorate even more. One day, a young girl named Xiao Chun Hua (Chen Pei Yan) appears. Chun Hua's father is Li Zheng Jiu (Andy Lau) and their family dynamics at home is hardly amicable. Lacking in love, Chun Hua finds comfort in Ding Hu and they become friends. Hence, Ding Hu is the first to step forward when Chun Hua and her father get caught in a dangerous situation that involves the Russian mob.

My Beloved Bodyguard Sammo Hung Sammo Hung as Ding Hu
My Beloved Bodyguard Chen Peiyan Chen Peiyan as Li Chunhua
My Beloved Bodyguard Andy Lau Andy Lau as Li Zhengjiu
My Beloved Bodyguard Zhu Yuchen Zhu Yuchen as Pu Changsheng
My Beloved Bodyguard Feng Jiayi Feng Jiayi as Hei Bang Lao Da
My Beloved Bodyguard William Feng Shaofeng William Feng Shaofeng
My Beloved Bodyguard Hu Jun Hu Jun
My Beloved Bodyguard Eddie Peng Eddie Peng
My Beloved Bodyguard Tsui Hark Tsui Hark
My Beloved Bodyguard Mai Jia Mai Jia

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Yuan Liang Wo (原谅我) by Andy Lau (刘德华)
  • Listen - Da Hu Shang Shan Gan Sa Re Xue Xie Chun Qiu (打虎上山 甘洒热血写春秋) by Sammo Hung (洪金宝)
  • Ye Ye De Qing Shu (爷爷的情书) by Sammo Hung & Liu Mengtian (洪金宝&刘楚恬)
  • (Ain't No Sunshine) by B (Bill Withers)
  • (Reflection Of My Life) by Wen Na (温拿)
  • Listen - Yuan Liang Wo (原谅我) by Andy Lau (刘德华)

My Beloved Bodyguard Hong Kong Movie
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