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Thursday 10 March 2016

Hot Blood

Hot Blood / Re Xue China Drama
Drama: Hot Blood / Re Xue
Chinese Title: 热血 / Re Xue
Broadcast Date: March 11, 2016
Genre: War
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 34
Director: Li Hongyu, Zhang Lei, Gao Zhan
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

Love Meter

Hot Blood Zhang Zijian Zhang Zijian as Qin Hao
Hot Blood Kelsey Lv Jia Rong Kelsey Lv Jia Rong as Hu Yifan
Hot Blood Madina Memet Madina Memet as Na Tasha
Hot Blood Ma Wenlong Ma Wenlong as Han Ye
Hot Blood Ji Ta Ji Ta as Sheng Tianlai
Hot Blood Song Ziqiao Song Ziqiao as Da Ye Yang Zi
Hot Blood Zhao Hanxue Zhao Hanxue as Duan Jinrong
Hot Blood Wang Huilai Wang Huilai as Ye Xiaoqi

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Re Xue (热血) by Pei Dong Feng (裴东峰)
  • Listen - Cong Zhe Li Yuan Hang (从这里远航) by Xu He Bin (许鹤缤)

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