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Thursday 3 December 2015

Oh My God!

Oh My God! China Movie
Movie: Oh My God!
Chinese Title: 从天儿降 / Cong Tian Er Jiang
Release Date: December 4, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction
Language: Mandarin
Director: Wei Min, Wei Nan
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Chen Mo (Cheney Chen) and Mo Lu (Jiang Wen), Le Yi (Zhang Yi Xing Lay) and Lu Mi Jia (Li Xiao Lu) are two pairs of lovers as well as close friends. One day, a meteor turns into a baby that falls into the hands of these four friends who also share an apartment and a series of crazy hijinks ensue.

Fun Facts

  • Executive producer Wei Nan joins hands with Zhang Ziyi to produce Oh My God, a movie that is based on a screenplay by Guo Jingming.

Oh My God! Cheney Chen Cheney Chen as Chen Mo
Oh My God! Jiang Wen Jiang Wen as Mo Han
Oh My God! Lay Zhang Yixing Lay Zhang Yixing as Le Yi
Oh My God! Jacqueline Li Xiaolu Jacqueline Li Xiaolu as Lu Mijia

Supporting Cast
  • Qing Chun Kuai Le (青春快乐) by Lay Zhang Yixing & Jiang Wen & Jacqueline Li Xiaolu (张艺兴&姜雯&李小璐)
  • Ru Guo Yi Qie Mei You Fa Sheng Guo (如果一切没有发生过) by Zhang Bi Chen (张碧晨)
  • Listen - Ru Guo Neng Zai Jian (如果能再见) by Liu Wei Nan (刘伟男)

Oh My God! China Movie
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