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Wednesday 23 December 2015

Jinpai Hongniang 2

Jinpai Hongniang 2 China Drama
Drama: Jinpai Hongniang 2
Chinese Title: 金牌红娘2 / Jin Pai Hong Niang 2
Broadcast Date: December 24, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Historical
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 22
Director: Lin Yutang
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

Love Meter

Jinpai Hongniang 2 Rachel Mao Xiaotong Rachel Mao Xiaotong as Jin Linglong
Jinpai Hongniang 2 Han Chengyu Han Chengyu as Li Yuechen
Jinpai Hongniang 2 Jing Lingxiao Jing Lingxiao as Lin Mumu
Jinpai Hongniang 2 Li Shuai Li Shuai as Guo Lutian ( Guo Er )

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Wo Ai Hong Niang (我爱红娘) by Li Min (励敏)
  • Listen - Ni De Xiao (你的笑) by Li Min (励敏)
  • Listen - Qian Jin Yi Nuo (千金一诺) by Wu La (邬拉)

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