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Thursday 15 October 2015

Magic Card

Magic Card China / Italy / United States Movie
Movie: Magic Card
Chinese Title: 魔卡行动 / Mo Ka Xing Dong
Release Date: October 16, 2015
Genre: Action, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Director: Jiang Guomin
Origin: China / Italy / United States

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Magic Card is about seemingly unrelated individuals brought together by one thing. Da Zhi (Kimi Qiao) is a gifted genius who is an agent. Du Hao Jin (Bai Kai Nan) is a wealthy young man who goes shopping with his girlfriend in Italy. He attempts to buy an old street but he is met with opposition from the townspeople. Le Zheng Hua (Simon Yam) is a business mogul asked by the police to acquire the same street while his daughter Fei Fei (Viann Zhang) pretends to be an interpreter to steal company secrets from the Du family.

Magic Card Viann Zhang Viann Zhang as Fei Fei
Magic Card Kimi Qiao Kimi Qiao as A Zhi
Magic Card Simon Yam Simon Yam as Li Zhenghua
Magic Card Maria Grazia Cucinotta Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Magic Card Bai Kainan Bai Kainan as Du Haojin

Supporting Cast
Magic Card China / Italy / United States Movie
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