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Thursday 23 July 2015

Junior Parents

Junior Parents China Drama
Drama: Junior Parents
Chinese Title: 小爸妈 / Xiao Ba Ma
Broadcast Date: July 24, 2015
Genre: Family, Life
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 38
Director: Mao Xiaorui
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mo Fan (Ren Zhong) and Jian Dan (Gao Lu) are a married couple enjoying the pleasures of city life as they rely on their parents to shield from the challenges that come with raising a family. One day, they find out that Jian Dan's mother has cancer and their life is turned upside down. Will the couple find their own way to get through their problems?

Junior Parents Ren Zhong Ren Zhong as Mo Fan
Junior Parents Gao Lu Gao Lu as Jian Shan
Junior Parents David Wang Yaoqing David Wang Yaoqing as Gao Jian
Junior Parents Wang Qianyi Wang Qianyi as Wang Xiting
Junior Parents Jill Hsu Jill Hsu as Wang Xirong ( Emma )
Junior Parents Wang Yang Wang Yang as Hao Qiang
Junior Parents Zhu Yin Zhu Yin as Feng Xiujuan
Junior Parents Guo Kaimin Guo Kaimin as Gao Min

Supporting Cast
  • Xi Guan (习惯) by Wang Qianyi (王倩一)
  • Bu Yao Jiu Zhe Yang Chi Kai Wo (不要就这样离开我) by Fan Fan (樊凡)

Junior Parents China Drama
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