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Monday 1 December 2014

The Crossing

The Crossing China / Japan / Korea Movie
Movie: The Crossing
Chinese Title: 太平轮 / Tai Ping Lun
Release Date: December 2, 2014
Genre: Disaster, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: John Woo
Origin: China / Japan / Korea

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

During the Fall of 1945, General Lei Yi Fang (Huang Xiao Ming) loses the battle of Ping Yuan while intelligence officer Tong Da Qing (Tong Da Wei) takes Taiwanese-Japanese military doctor Yan Ze Kun (Takeshi Kaneshiro) as his prisoner. After the surrender of the Japanese, the three go about their own lives. Lei Yi Fang returns to Shanghai and meets Zhou Fen (Song Hye Kyo) and they get married soon after. Yan Ze Kun returns to Taiwan but he realizes that his former lover has left for Japan. Tong Da Qing falls in love with Yu Zheng (Zhang Zi Yi), a woman who works as a nurse by day and as a prostitue by night. Yet the internal war between the Nationalists and the Communists is brewing and the only way out of Shanghai is to get onboard the cruise ship.

Fun Facts

  • John Woo directs The Crossing, a Chinese film detailing the lives of three pairs of lovers during a war-fraught era.

The Crossing Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi as Yu Zhen
The Crossing Takeshi Kaneshiro Takeshi Kaneshiro as Yan Zekun
The Crossing Huang Xiaoming Huang Xiaoming as Lei Yifang
The Crossing Song Hye-kyo Song Hye-kyo as Zhou Yunfen
The Crossing Tong Dawei Tong Dawei as Tong Daqing
The Crossing Masami Nagasawa Masami Nagasawa as Zhi Cun Ya Zi
The Crossing Hei Mutong Hei Mutong as Zhi Cun Fu Ren
The Crossing Faye Yu Feihong Faye Yu Feihong as Gu Taitai
The Crossing Bowie Lam Bo Yee Bowie Lam Bo Yee as Yuan Pite
The Crossing Wang Qianyuan Wang Qianyuan as Gu Shangxiao
The Crossing Qin Hailu Qin Hailu as Xia Shan
The Crossing Johnny Kou Johnny Kou as Zhou Zhongding
The Crossing Cong Shan Cong Shan as Zhou Mu
The Crossing Yang Kuei-Mei Yang Kuei-Mei as Yan Mu
The Crossing Tony Yang Youning Tony Yang Youning as Yan Zeming
The Crossing Jack Kao Jack Kao as Yan Cangmeng

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