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Monday, 11 March 2019

Drama: Fire Blue Blade

Fire Blue Blade China Drama
Title: Fire Blue Blade
Chinese Title: 火蓝刀锋 / Huo Lan Dao Feng
Initial Release Date: September 29, 2012
Genre: Military Police
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 31
Director: Zhang Guoqing
Screenwriter: Feng Ji, Xu Su
Production Company: Xingmeng Cultural
Production Date: 2012
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows a group of marines as they undergo training and put up a good fight against pirates.

The marines are pushing for a wide scale recruitment for talented candidates. Because of a dangerous underwater rescue, Jiang Xiaoyu (Yang Zhigang) who is a boastful young man from a fishing village ends up in his worst nightmare. He is sent to undergo brutal training at the place they call beast camp. He meets a group of exceptional students like Zhang Chong (He Ziming), a man who can catch a crocodile with his barehands, Lu Yan (Zheng Kai) who won the national college swimming championship and many more.

Unable to cope with training, Jiang Xiaoyu sweet talks Lu Yan into escaping with him, but ends up becoming a field guard. Zhang Chong is also sent to the same place after getting in trouble for fighting. Female sharpshooter Wuyungerile (Liu Siyan) learns that there are shooting experts at camp so she requests to be transferred in, thus bringing the four unlikely individuals together.

Fire Blue Blade Tang Jing Tang Jing as Rong Sheng
Fire Blue Blade Pan Yang Pan Yang as Cui Jie
Fire Blue Blade Li Yiling Li Yiling as Shen Ge
Fire Blue Blade Lao Wu Lao Wu as Xiao Luchang
Fire Blue Blade Liu Shuo Liu Shuo as Ba Lang
Fire Blue Blade Song Jialun Song Jialun as Wu Gang
Fire Blue Blade Bai Wei Bai Wei as Xiang Yu
Fire Blue Blade Bai Hailong Bai Hailong as Deng Jiuguang
Fire Blue Blade Jia Hongwei Jia Hongwei as Liu Xiaoshan
Fire Blue Blade Song Lina Song Lina as Yuan Zhi
Fire Blue Blade Xu Songting Xu Songting as Zhan Dapeng
Fire Blue Blade Li Yueming Li Yueming as Dai Fei
Fire Blue Blade Liu Jun Liu Jun as A Gan
Fire Blue Blade Zhou Ruochen Zhou Ruochen as Ma Mingliang
Fire Blue Blade Song Qing Song Qing as Tuo Masi

Fire Blue Blade China Drama
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Fire Blue Blade China Drama
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