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Monday, 10 September 2018

Drama: Memories of Peking

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Memories of Peking China Drama
Title: Memories of Peking
Chinese Title: ่Š้บป่ƒกๅŒ / Zhi Ma Hu Tong
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV
Broadcast Date: 2019
Genre: Family, Modern, Republican
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 55
Director: Liu Jiacheng
Screenwriter: Liu Yan
Production Company: New Classics Media
Production Date: 2018
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in 1947, it follows the relationship between three people - the shop owner, his wife and a young woman who is determined to cure her father's illness.

Yan Zhensheng (He Bing) is the owner of a pickle shop in Beijing. Because his older brother and nephew were killed while running an errand on his behalf, Yan Zhengsheng takes up the responsibility of care for their uncle and to perform his filial duties as a son. In order to ensure that the family name will live on, Yan Zhengsheng who is already married to Lin Cuiqing (Liu Pei) takes Mu Chunhua (Wang Ou) as his second wife. Their relationship also grows over time but in the year 1950, the New Marriage Law placed into effect such that Yan Zhensheng and Mu Chunhua are forced to divorce. In the next decades, Yan Zhensheng, Mu Chunhua and Lin Cuiqing continue as a family. This is a story about the ordinary people at sesame alley.

Fun Facts

  • Filming took place in Beijing

Memories of Peking  He Bing He Bing as Yan Zhensheng
Memories of Peking  Angel Wang Ou Angel Wang Ou as Mu Chunhua
Memories of Peking  Liu Pei Liu Pei as Lin Cuiqing
Memories of Peking  Hai Yitian Hai Yitian as Wu Youren
Memories of Peking  Joyce Feng Wenjuan Joyce Feng Wenjuan
Memories of Peking  Hou Yu Hou Yu
Memories of Peking  Bai Lan Bai Lan
Memories of Peking  Zhao Qian Zhao Qian
Memories of Peking  Qiao Dawei Qiao Dawei

Supporting Cast
Memories of Peking China Drama
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Memories of Peking China Drama

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