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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Movie: Unserious Hero

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Unserious Hero China Movie
Title: Unserious Hero
Chinese Title: 大乐师.为爱配乐 / Da Yue Shi.Wei Ai Pei Yue
Broadcast Website: iQiYi
Release Date: March 3, 2018
Genre: Comedy, Time Travel, War and Revolution
Language: Mandarin
Director: Han Jie
Screenwriter: Wang Zhiyong, Han Jie
Producer: Bai Yanyan, Chen Wei, Wu Yan, Zhang Yu
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story that follows a second generation rich, a history graduate and a Russian alcoholic as they accidentally time travel to the year 1945 and get pulled into the anti-occupational efforts of the time.

Wu Miao's (Huang Xuan) frivolous personality has made him cowardly and unreliable in the face of trouble. When he and intern Mei Feng (Li Bin) get into a car accident, they wake up in the Republican era. Wu Miao is saved by Mu Ren (Zhang Xinyuan), a young woman who takes him to the grasslands. Wu Miao follows her lead and joins the anti-Japanese forces where he meets San Shu (Fan Ming) and other hot-blooded comrades.

Unserious Hero Huang Xuan Huang Xuan as Wu Miao
Unserious Hero Fan Ming Fan Ming as Third Uncle
Unserious Hero Zhang Xinyuan Zhang Xinyuan as Mu Ren

Supporting Cast
  • Li Bin as Mei Feng
  • Greiba as Ge Lieba
  • Ye Guo as An Delie
  • Yan Tongyi as An Teng (old)
  • E Riqi as Mu Min (Young)
  • Ga Dasu as Mu Min (old)
  • Zuo Zhanwen as Xiao Zuo
  • Guo Wanying as Bo Wu Guan Nu Jiang Xie Yuan
  • Okamura Biyi as An Teng Granddaughter (old)
  • Saito Takuya as Tong Xunbing
  • Yue Bolong as Ji Fu Qing Xuan Zhong Jiang
  • Takagi Shinsuke as Shao Zuo
  • Zhou Zhuoyi as An Teng (Young)
  • Chen Wei as Jin Richeng
  • Wang Leilei as Zhou Luchang
  • Li Jun as Jiu Ba Shang Ren
  • Zhang Yipeng as Da Bao
  • Fan Yue as Bo Wu Guan Zhu Ren
  • Ding Qiao as An Teng Grandson (old)
  • Liu Bo as You Ji Dui Yuan
  • Liu Kunpeng as You Ji Dui Yuan
  • Wu Weidong as You Ji Dui Yuan
  • Bao Lier as You Ji Dui Yuan
  • Chen Qingyuan as You Ji Dui Yuan

Unserious Hero China Movie
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Unserious Hero China Movie
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