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Friday, 6 April 2018

Drama: Haose Qianjin


Haose Qianjin China Drama
Title: Haose Qianjin
Chinese Title: 好色千金 / Hao Se Qian Jin
Broadcast Date: 2018
Genre: Romance, Time Travel
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Region: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Qing Lan Lan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story revolving around a woman from the 21st century who time travels into a world filled with handsome men vying for her attention, and she remains oblivious to the start of a huge conspiracy.

One day, Lin Luo Jing (Zheng Jiaohong) wakes up in the ancient times as the daughter of the prime minister. She enjoys the company of many suitors, yet it hasn't even been a day since her arrival and the Emperor has decreed for her to be married to another.

Thinking about how lonesome life would be being tied down to one man, she plots to escape her own wedding. She also discovers that in order to get back to the present day, she must make her way to the hero in the game. In her journey, she encounters the headstrong Zhong Wu Mei (Gong Jun), the gentle imperial guard Liu Xiu Wen, the wealthy son of a businessman Jiang Xuan Yu (Fang Yilun), the prideful Hua Ying Chi (Li Hao) and the diabolic Wang Jin Chen. Only after many trials and tribulations does she realize where her heart truly lies.

Fun Facts

  • The source novel was published on July 13, 2014.

Haose Qianjin Simon Gong Jun Simon Gong Jun as Zhong Wumei
Haose Qianjin Alen Fang Yilun Alen Fang Yilun as Liu Xiuwen
Haose Qianjin Zheng Jiaohong Zheng Jiaohong as Lin Luojing
Haose Qianjin Yu Tianyi Yu Tianyi as Jiang Xuanyu
Haose Qianjin Li Hao Li Hao as Hua Yingchi
Haose Qianjin Liu Tingyu Liu Tingyu as Hua Yingyun
Haose Qianjin Li Tingzhe Li Tingzhe as Zhong Shichi

Haose Qianjin China Drama
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Haose Qianjin China Drama
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  1. Where can I watch this with English subtitles? Or did the tv series just start and we have to wait for English subtitles?

    1. Hi - it hasn't premiered yet. We will definitely update when it airs. Not sure about English subs though, many c-dramas don't get subbed.