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Monday, 18 December 2017

Web Drama: Hot-Blooded Goddess

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Hot-Blooded Goddess China Web Drama
Title: Hot-Blooded Goddess
Chinese Title: 燃血女神 / Ran Xue Nu Shen
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: December 19, 2017
Air Time: Daily 12:00 (one episode), VIP users watch 7 episodes in advance
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Chen Peng Yu
Region: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A story about a goddess from the future who travels back in time to save herself and the people that she loves and gets pulled into the complicated school life of impassioned youths who are the second and third generation heirs of wealthy conglomerates.

Lin Da Yu (Liu Yi Chang) and Wang Xiao Ru (Xiao Yan) are childhood friends. They both get accepted to WJC which is a school for the elite. On their very first day, a mysterious student named Ran (Li Si Han) arrives. She appears to be extremely familiar with Lin Da Yu and Wang Xiao Ru and divulges that she is from the future. She also has inexplicable powers and only time will tell how her appearance will affect the lives of everyone around her.


Hot-Blooded Goddess Li Si Han Li Si Han as Ran
Hot-Blooded Goddess Liu Yi Chang Liu Yi Chang as Lin Da Yu
Hot-Blooded Goddess Xiao Yan Xiao Yan as Wang Xiao Ru
Hot-Blooded Goddess Liu Mei Lin Liu Mei Lin as Yan Zi Lin
Hot-Blooded Goddess Zhang Yu Tong Zhang Yu Tong as Wu Mei Duo
Hot-Blooded Goddess Yang Lin Yang Lin as Cao Tian
Hot-Blooded Goddess Yang Xiao Yu Yang Xiao Yu as Hao Zi Hao

Supporting Cast
  • Listen - Ni De Chu Xian (你的出现) by Ke Feng (可风)
  • Wen Rou Xing Guang (温柔星光) by Yang Guang (杨光)

Hot-Blooded Goddess China Web Drama
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