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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Drama: Love Express

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Love Express China Drama
Title: Love Express
Chinese Title: 爱情也包邮 / Ai Qing Ye Bao You
Broadcast Date: Coming Soon
Genre: Romance, Modern, Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Zhang Bo Yu
Region: China

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Love Express Joo Won Joo Won as Chen Xi
Love Express Deng Jia Jia Deng Jia Jia as Lin Xiao He
Love Express Qiao Zhen Yu Qiao Zhen Yu as Zhan Feng
Love Express Mu Ting Ting Mu Ting Ting as Qian Ning Hui
Love Express Qi Hang Qi Hang as Da Liu
Love Express Gao Xia Gao Xia as Hao Yue
Love Express Benz Hui Benz Hui as Zhan Sheng
Love Express Li Ping Li Ping as Li Yu Feng
Love Express Sheng Zhong Wei Sheng Zhong Wei as Mo Mo
Love Express Pei Min Zhen Pei Min Zhen as Wen Sha Sha

Supporting Cast
  • Zhang Yi as Yang Yong

Love Express China Drama
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Love Express China Drama
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