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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Drama: Fei Ge Zhang Dui

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Fei Ge Zhang Dui China Drama
Title: Fei Ge Zhang Dui
Chinese Title: 飞哥战队 / Fei Ge Zhan Dui
Broadcast Network: Nanjing News Channel, CCTV8
Broadcast Website: iQiYi, Youku, Tudou, CCTV
Broadcast Date: October 25, 2017
Genre: Spy
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 50
Director: Zeng Xiao Xin
Region: China
Trailer: Watch on iQiYi

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is an anti-Japanese occupation revolutionary drama that revolves around the heroic deeds of Liang Fei as he leads the Fei Ge Zhan Dui.

The Japanese army stationed in Ji Nan is infuriated by the repeated attempts of Liang Fei (Yuan Wen Kang) and his men to interfere with and disrupt their plans. As a counter-measure, they have transferred Shanben (Huang Meng) to Jinan. He is an experienced war veteran that is heading up a special forces team dedicated to exterminating Liang Fei. After learning about the plan, the Eighth Route Army puts Liang Fei in charge of all available resources to start a counter offence. However, Liang Fei has his own thoughts on the matter as he believes that it is important to gather quality people rather than quantity and he uses his own methods to bring together a unique group of heroes who willingly puts the country before themselves.


Fun Facts

  • It first premiered May 4, 2017 on Nanjing News Channel and later earned a major network broadcast as it aired October 25, 2017 on CCTV8.

Fei Ge Zhang Dui Mickey Yuan Wen Kang Mickey Yuan Wen Kang as Liang Fei
Fei Ge Zhang Dui Wang Jun Peng Wang Jun Peng as Shang Xi Wu
Fei Ge Zhang Dui Zhou Xiang Zhou Xiang as Hei Zi

Supporting Cast
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Fei Ge Zhang Dui China Drama
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Fei Ge Zhang Dui China Drama

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