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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Movie: Fake Guardians

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Fake Guardians China Movie
Title: Fake Guardians
Chinese Title: 冒牌监护人之寻宝闹翻天 / Mao Pai Jian Hu Ren Zhi Xun Bao Nao Fan Tian
Release Date: November 17, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Director: Chen Wei Qing
Region: China

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Fake Guardians Zhang Yi Shan Zhang Yi Shan as Zi Chu
Fake Guardians Peng Bo Peng Bo as Zhi Le
Fake Guardians Duan Jun Hao Duan Jun Hao as Li Ren
Fake Guardians Zhang Lan Xin Zhang Lan Xin as Lan Fei
Fake Guardians Hong Jian Tao Hong Jian Tao as Li Mo Ji
Fake Guardians Xiao Xi Xi Xiao Xi Xi as Xi Xi

Supporting Cast
  • Wei Ai Xun Zhao (为爱寻找) by Qin Yong (秦勇)

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