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Monday 13 March 2023

Copycat Killer

Copycat Killer Taiwan Web Drama
Web Drama: Copycat Killer
Chinese Title: 模仿犯 / Mo Fang Fan
Broadcast Website: Netflix
Broadcast Date: March 31, 2023
Genre: Crime, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 10
Director: Chang Jung-Chi, Henri Chang
Producer: Hank Tseng
Origin: Taiwan
Source: Adapted from the 2001 Japanese novel Mohohan by Miyuki Miyabe
Watch Episodes On: Netflix (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in 1990s Taiwan, a prosecutor who is good at investigating homicide cases is faced with a serial murderer whose unique methods and psychotic behavior has drawn lots of media attention.

Given the hype and clamor for viewer ratings, the murderer takes advantage of the media chaos to manipulate people's hearts and provoke the justice system. Prosecutor Gao Xiaoqi (Chris Wu) is determined to find evidence that will lead to the murderer even if it means getting his hands dirty and risking his life.

Fun Facts

  • Apart from the Taiwanese series, the novel has also been adapted into movies in 2002 and 2016.

Copycat Killer Chris Wu Chris Wu as Guo Xiaoqi
Copycat Killer Tuo Chung-hua Tuo Chung-hua as Lin Shangyong
Copycat Killer Alice Ko Chia-yen Alice Ko Chia-yen as Hu Yunhui
Copycat Killer Jack Yao Chun-yao Jack Yao Chun-yao as Chen Heping
Copycat Killer Fandy Fan Fandy Fan as Shen Jiawen
Copycat Killer Cammy Chiang Cammy Chiang as Lu Yizhen
Copycat Killer Ruby Lin Ruby Lin as Yao Yaci

Copycat Killer Taiwan Web Drama
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