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Saturday 25 February 2023


Anita Hong Kong Movie
Movie: Anita
Chinese Title: 梅艳芳 / Mei Yan Fang
Release Date: November 12, 2021
Genre: Biography, Drama, Music
Language: Cantonese
Director: Longman Leung
Screenwriter: Longman Leung, Jack Ng
Production Company: EDKO Films Limited
Producer: Bill Kong, Wan-Ming Ho, Tang Wai But
Origin: Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It follows the legendary life of Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actress Anita Mui from her humble beginnings to her decision to marry the stage.

Anita Mui (Louise Wong) was only 4 and a half years old when she performed and sang together with her older sister to support their family. At the age of 19, she participated at a singing competition and won the championship. In 2003, with "The Song of Sunset" and a custom-made wedding dress, she chose to marry herself to the stage. With her peerless beauty, there is no other Anita Mui in this world.

Fun Facts

  • Anita broke records as the top grossing domestic film (HK$62,520,223) in Hong Kong in 2021 to surpass the record previously held ten years ago by You Are the Apple of My Eye in 2011.
  • It was shot in Hong Kong.
  • It is Hong Kong model Louise Wong's movie debut.
  • Its planned release in 2020 was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anita Wang Danni Wang Danni as Anita Mui
Anita Louis Koo Louis Koo as Liu Peiji
Anita Gordon Lam Ka-tung Gordon Lam Ka-tung as Su Xiaoliang
Anita Liao Ziyu Liao Ziyu as Mei Aifang
Anita Liu Junqian Liu Junqian as Zhang Guorong
Anita Meriam Yeung Meriam Yeung as Florence

Supporting Cast
Anita Hong Kong Movie
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