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Wednesday 11 January 2023

Ping Pong: The Triumph

Ping Pong: The Triumph / Ping Pong of China China Movie
Movie: Ping Pong: The Triumph / Ping Pong of China
Chinese Title: 中国乒乓之绝地反击 / Zhong Guo Ping Pang Zhi Jue Di Fan Ji
Release Date: February 17, 2023
Air Time: January 24, 2023
Genre: Drama, Period, Sports
Language: Mandarin
Production Company: Hengye Pictures, iQIYI, Orange Image, China Film Co., Ltd. 
Origin: China
Source: Based on real events

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in the early 1990s, China's men's table tennis team was at a low point. Cai Zhenhua returns from overseas as the head coach. Determined to make a difference, he forms a team comprised of five athletes who fought their way to victory during the 1995 Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships.

As head coach, Cai Xinhua (Deng Chao) made a bold statement during the selection for the new national table tennis men's team: "Two years, no need for ten years, nor a transition. I believe we can regain the Swaythling Cup in two years." Not only was the new coach controversial, the new "five tigers" of the national team were dubbed as "remnants and defeated generals" what with the injured (Ma Wenhe), the blind (Ding Feng), the small (Liu Guoliang, Kong Shuai) and the old (Huang Tao). Under Cai Xinhua's guidance, the underdog team was formed, and it will take them two years to make a comeback. 

Fun Facts

  • It was supposed to be among the Spring Festival movie lineup for 2023 but premiere was postponed to Jan 3rd of the Lunar New Year.
  • Filming began in February 2022.  Actor Deng Chao and screenwriter Yu Baimei have worked together several times before and even co-directed films like "Devil and Angel" and "Looking Up."
  • Timmy Xu starred in the sports themed drama Ping Pong in 2021.
  • Actor Cai Yida who also stars in the film is the son of Cai Zhenhua who is the main protagonist of the story. 
  • After 2 days in theaters, it has withdrawn from the Spring Festival movie lineup to be re-released at a later date.

Ping Pong: The Triumph Deng Chao Deng Chao as Cai Xinhua
Ping Pong: The Triumph Betty Sun Li Betty Sun Li as Cai Xinhua's Wife
Ping Pong: The Triumph Timmy Xu Weizhou Timmy Xu Weizhou as Ma Wenhe
Ping Pong: The Triumph Duan Bowen Duan Bowen as Huang Tao
Ping Pong: The Triumph Johnny Cai Yida Johnny Cai Yida as Ding Feng
Ping Pong: The Triumph Ding Guansen Ding Guansen as Liu Guanxiang
Ping Pong: The Triumph Sun Xilun Sun Xilun as Kong Shuai
Ping Pong: The Triumph Alan Aruna Alan Aruna

Ping Pong: The Triumph / Ping Pong of China China Movie

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