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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Warm Meet You

Warm Meet You China Web Drama
Web Drama: Warm Meet You
Chinese Title: 暖暖遇见你 / Nuan Nuan Yu Jian Ni
Broadcast Website: Mango TV
Broadcast Date: November 19, 2022
Air Time: First 5 days 18:00 (2 eps) for VIP with 6 eps on premiere, (1 ep) for non-VIP, subsequently Sat-Mon (2 eps) for VIP, Sat-Tue (1 ep) for non-VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Comedy, Idol, Modern, Romance, Tianchong
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Chu Dejian
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A sweet and lovely cartoonist with superb drawing skills has always dreamed of becoming a top manhua artist in China, yet she has been met with nothing but repeated failures. One day, she realizes that the CEO who is allergic to being touched by the opposite sex can counter all her bad luck.

With no hope of finding a job, Zhao Nuanuan (Qi Yuchen) is forced to go on a date, but she mistakes Gu Yichen (Li Geyang) who just happened to pass by as her blind date. Zhao Nuannuan's biggest shortcoming is that she has "excessively bad luck" but due to a chance encounter, she discovers that as long as she gets close to Gu Yichen, her luck can change. Therefore, in order to get rid of her 20 years of bad luck, Nuannuan is even willing to disguise herself as a man to apply for a job with Gu Yichen as a professional cleaner. Gu Yichen suffers from a rare allergy towards women. He rejects Zhao Nuannuan's approach at first, until he realizes that he is not allergic to her. 

Fun Facts

  • Filming began on November 17, 2021 in Chengdu. 
  • The heroine's name Nuannuan means warm in English.

Warm Meet You Li Geyang Li Geyang as Gu Yichen
Warm Meet You Qi Yuchen Qi Yuchen as Zhao Nuannuan
Warm Meet You Yukio Yu Cong Yukio Yu Cong as Fang Mi
Warm Meet You Xu Ke Xu Ke as Sheng Qiaonan
Warm Meet You Gao Junjie Gao Junjie as Zhao Mingyang

Supporting Cast
  • Wang Qianguo as Wu Xinran
  • Su Ziyi as Yao Muxi
  • Kang Jingliang as Shen Yan
  • Gao Yuan as Luo Yi
  • Wang Chao as Gu Zhenglin
  • Chen Ying as Li Lingmei
  • Yang Xu as Lin Yuan
  • Dai Wenjun as Yu Jiahui
  • Wang Shi as Zhao Dahai
  • Xiang Yulin as Lao Jin
  • Chen Wenzhen as Jiang Zhuren
  • Wang Wudi as Yu Mingchuan
  • Tang Lu as Dong Zong
  • Zhou Peng as Xiong Mao Da Shu
  • Wan Liu Ao Rui as 9 Sui Gu Yi Chen

Warm Meet You China Web Drama
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Warm Meet You China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
Dec 4 VIP finale, Dec 26 non-VIP finale 

Warm Meet You China Web Drama

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