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Sunday 4 September 2022

Brave Wuju

Brave Wuju China Drama
Drama: Brave Wuju
Chinese Title: 勇者无惧 / Yong Zhe Wu Ju
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV, Beijing TV
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Tencent
Broadcast Date: September 1, 2022
Genre: Police, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 51
Director: Huo Yaoliang, Jiang Li, Song Shuxin
Screenwriter: Jiang Li, Tian Yakun
Producer: Chi Wenlong, Lu Yun
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In order to investigate the mystery behind the death of his former colleague, border police officer Wu Ju accepts a special mission to become an undercover agent in the frontlines of a dangerous anti-drug operation.

Wu Ju (Zhang Danfeng) joins an undercover operation in order to avenge his comrade-in-arms who died in the anti-drug campaign. He approaches Qi Tian (Wang Xuan), the son of former drug lord Qi Tai (Mo Han), and gains his trust. Qi Tian believes that Qi Tai's former subordinate Wan Yanbin (Hai Yitian) is the culprit that killed his father. Wu Ju helps Qi Tian evade Wan Yanbin's pursuit and also learns that behind Wan Yanbin is a drug lord known as "Doctor" who is the real mastermind of the criminal organization.

Wu Ju makes it into "Doctor's" inner circle along with Qi Tian but he also becomes a target for police detective An Ning (Yuan Yuxuan) who is not aware that he is an undercover cop. With his courage and extraordinary wisdom, Wu Ju fights the most vicious domestic and foreign drug trafficking groups while experiencing the tests of friendship, love and life until the time he can finally destroy the drug cartel in one fell swoop.

Fun Facts

  • It was shot in Chongqing, Yunnan, Thailand and Myanmar.
  • It is a tribute drama to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019.
  • It is an undercover story about anti-drug efforts based on real life cases.
  • The main character's name Wu Ju sounds like the Chinese words for "No Fear".

Brave Wuju Andy Zhang Danfeng Andy Zhang Danfeng as Wu Ju
Brave Wuju Yuan Yuxuan Yuan Yuxuan as An Ning
Brave Wuju Real Hai Yitian Real Hai Yitian as Wan Yanbin
Brave Wuju Roger Kwok Chun-on Roger Kwok Chun-on
Brave Wuju Li Naiwen Li Naiwen as Zhan Guoan
Brave Wuju Huang Junpeng Huang Junpeng as Kuang Jun
Brave Wuju Cao Weiyu Cao Weiyu as Zhang Xuesong
Brave Wuju Wang Xuan Wang Xuan as Qi Tian

Supporting Cast
  • Wo Zai Ni Shen Pang (我在你身旁) by Jin Zhi Wen (金志文)
  • Zhui Zhao Guang (追着光) by Liu Xi Jun (刘惜君)
  • Zhui Zhao Guang (追着光) by Zhang Dan Feng (张丹峰)
  • Wu Ju (无惧) by Nan Zheng Bei Zhan NZBZ (南征北战NZBZ)
  • Wei Zhuang (伪装) by Wang Rui (汪睿)

Brave Wuju China Drama
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