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Thursday, 25 August 2022

Almost Love

Almost Love / Meet You in the Best Time China Movie
Movie: Almost Love / Meet You in the Best Time
Chinese Title: 遇见你 / Yu Jian Ni
Release Date: August 4, 2022
Genre: Romance, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Length: 110 minutes
Director: Luo Luo
Screenwriter: Luo Luo
Executive Producer: Gong Yu, Chen Hui
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A film about the long marathon of love between Zhou Can and Yu Jiaoyang from their time on campus to their mutual growth as individuals.

The story begins from their first meeting. Yu Jiaoyang (Xu Ruohan) who's scorned by her classmates for being a "trash bin" meets Zhou Can (Li Wenhan), the "white moonlight" of her youth. During their long-distance marathon of love that spans eight years, there are countless sweet moments. Yu Jiaoyang loves boldly without regrets, and she has been working tirelessly for the day she can become Zhou Can's bride. Finally, on the day of Zhou Can's wedding, Yu Jiaoyang appears as promised.

Fun Facts

  • It was released on Qixi Festival in 2022.
  • It was announced on May 1, 2021 that filming has begun in Xiamen.

Almost Love Li Wenhan Li Wenhan as Zhou Can
Almost Love Xu Ruohan Xu Ruohan as Yu Jiaoyang

Supporting Cast
Almost Love / Meet You in the Best Time China Movie
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