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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Stand By Me 3

Stand By Me 3 China Web Drama
Web Drama: Stand By Me 3
Chinese Title: 一起同过窗3 / Yi Qi Tong Guo Chuang 3
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: July 8, 2022
Air Time: Fri-Sun 20:00 (2 eps) with 6 eps on premiere for VIP, Fri-Tue (1 ep) with 2 eps on premiere for non-VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Modern, Romance, School
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 30
Director: Ye Changqing
Screenwriter: Bi Xinye, Mei Qiongyu
Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Sala Picture, Sala Culture
Chief Producer: Du Jun
Origin: China
Related: Stand By Me, Stand By Me 2

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Fun Facts

  • Wu Yuze does not reprise his role as actor Xu Huiqiao now plays the character Lu Qiaochuan.

Stand By Me 3 Xu Xiaolu Xu Xiaolu as Zhong Bai
Stand By Me 3 Pang Hanchen Pang Hanchen as Xiao Haiyang
Stand By Me 3 Li Ruojia Li Ruojia as Lin Luoxue
Stand By Me 3 Yu Xiang Yu Xiang as Ren Yifan
Stand By Me 3 Xu Huiqiang Xu Huiqiang as Lu Qiaochuan
Stand By Me 3 Ding Xiangnan Ding Xiangnan as Li Shuci
Stand By Me 3 Ying Daizhen Ying Daizhen as Bi Shisan
Stand By Me 3 Ci Wantong Ci Wantong as Xu Lianqiao
Stand By Me 3 Leon Li Chuan Leon Li Chuan as Yu Hao

Stand By Me 3 China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
Aug 5 VIP finale, Aug 15 non-VIP finale

Stand By Me 3 China Web Drama

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