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Sunday 6 March 2022

I Belonged to Your World

I Belonged to Your World China Web Drama
Web Drama: I Belonged to Your World
Chinese Title: 他跨越山海而来 / Ta Kua Yue Shan Hai Er Lai
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: March 10, 2023
Air Time: Thu-Fri 12:00 (2 eps), all eps immediately available for VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Family, Romance, Time Travel
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 20
Director: Zhang De
Screenwriter: Li Na
Production Company: Mootown, Meilin Culture, Erhu Fox, iQIYI Wenxue
Producer: Zhang Atong
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from an iQIYI novel of the same name

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Qi Shuo from the future has gone back in time to encourage his mom Qi Yue to get her act together and change for the better, all while pursuing the school legend Lu Xiao.

Qi Yue (Qi Yandi) is a young woman with no ambitions. One day, she suddenly receives a warning about her life from her future son Qi Shuo (Liu Yitong) who seemingly "fell from the sky" to find her. Since then, she has been forced to embark on the difficult road of "rehabilitating a slacker." While upgrading herself from within, Qi Yue also strives to pursue a romantic relationship with the cold and unapproachable school genius Lu Xiao (Wu Difei) with some help from her wingman son Qi Shuo. Thereafter, a witty and lighthearted story unfolds between the three.

Fun Facts

  • I was announced on January 25, 2022 that filming has wrapped after 43 days.
  • The booting ceremony was on December 14, 2021 in Huizhou, Guangdong.

I Belonged to Your World Liu Yitong Liu Yitong as Qi Shuo
I Belonged to Your World Judy Qi Yandi Judy Qi Yandi as Qi Yue
I Belonged to Your World Jerron Wu Difei Jerron Wu Difei as Lu Xiao
I Belonged to Your World Ye Zitang Ye Zitang as Deng Shuling
I Belonged to Your World Cai Xinyang Cai Xinyang as Xu Zhaoyang

Supporting Cast
  • Liu Jia as Liang Yufei
  • Zhang Zhang as Zhou Xincheng
  • Chen Meilin as Ding Fei
  • Zhang Borui as Zheng Hao
  • Wang Zihao as Xu Bin
  • Zou Sizhu as Ouyang Lin
  • Zhang Yufei as Xie Jiajia
  • Zhu Huige as Qi Haonian
  • Ma Ziwei as Yang Ziyun
  • Bao Ma as Jiao Dao Zhu Ren
  • Guo Tianpei as Qin Jiaoshou
  • Chen Feng as Ban Zhuren
  • Li Xiong as Lu Xiao's Father
  • Lin Xin as Shi Guang Zhao Xiang Guan Lao Ban
  • Yuan Jing as Xie Guan Da Ma

I Belonged to Your World China Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
I Belonged to Your World China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
Mar 10 VIP finale, Apr 13 non-VIP finale

I Belonged to Your World China Web Drama

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