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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

P Storm

P Storm / Z Storm 4 Hong Kong Movie
Movie: P Storm / Z Storm 4
Chinese Title: 反贪风暴4 / Fan Tan Feng Bao 4
Release Date: April 4, 2019
Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Director: David Lam
Screenwriter: Huang Haohua, He Wenlong
Origin: Hong Kong
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of ICAC agent Lu Zhilian who is on an undercover mission to investigate a suspected collusion between inmates and correctional officers. In the process, he pits wits and will against two major gangs in prison.

The ICAC has received a tip from informant Liao Yuping (Chrissie Chau) that second-generation rich Cao Yuanyuan (Raymond Lam) who is currently in jail is suspected of bribing prison supervisor Shen Jiquan (Patrick Tam) as well as other correctional officers. Chief investigator Lu Zhilian (Louis Koo) decides to go deep into the tiger's den by pretending to be an inmate.

In prison, former superintendent Huang Wenbin (Gordon Lam Ka-tung) whom Lu Zhilian arrested himself is the head of the gang that's in opposition with Cao Yuanyuan's men. This proves to be an opportunity for Lu Zhilian to gain Cao Yuanyuan's trust. At the same time, Cheng Deming (Kevin Cheng) who is a chief officer at ICAC and Hong Liang (Ding Haifeng), a director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, join hands in bringing about a cooperation between Hong Kong and Mainland authorities to crackdown on crime.

Fun Facts

  • "P" in P Storm stands for prison.

P Storm Louis Koo Louis Koo as Lu Zhilian
P Storm Kevin Cheng Kevin Cheng as Cheng Deming
P Storm Raymond Lam Raymond Lam as Cao Yuanyuan
P Storm Gordon Lam Ka-tung Gordon Lam Ka-tung as Huang Wenbin
P Storm Chrissie Chau Chrissie Chau as Liao Yuping
P Storm Julian Cheung Julian Cheung as Liu Baoqiang
P Storm Ding Haifeng Ding Haifeng as Hong Liang

Supporting Cast
P Storm / Z Storm 4 Hong Kong Movie
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