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Sunday 24 October 2021

Snow Lover

Snow Lover China Web Drama
Web Drama: Snow Lover
Chinese Title: 爱在粉雪时光 / Ai Zai Fen Xue Shi Guang
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: October 26, 2021
Air Time: Tue-Wed 12:00 (2 eps), all eps immediately available for VIP
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Liang Hao
Screenwriter: Guo Xiaojing
Production Company: Honghao
Origin: China
Watch Episodes On: Youtube

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

They were each other's first love but they broke up due to a misunderstanding. Because of skiing, they encounter each other again years later having reached a bottleneck in their respective careers. It marks the start to their hilarious "conflicts" as they have a chance to rewrite their love song.

Wang Xiaoan's (Xu Xiaonuo) has a very straightforward personality. She can be a bit reckless but she won't hesitate to stand up for others. She plays well, eats well and has honed her cooking skills to perfection. He Feng (Gao Minrui) is an executive of a gaming company. He's a ski god once he hits the slopes. He is good looking, gentle, a bit dull and a perfectionist. Lin Jinjin (Zhang Xinxin) is an actress with a severe case of princess syndrome. She loves being the center of attention. Ski shop owner Ye Nan (Zeng Kelan) likes Wang Xiaoan, but Lin Jinjin's appearance brings about new changes.

Fun Facts

  • It was announced on March 2, 2021 that 40 days of filming has wrapped.
  • The filming location is in Wanlong Ski Resort, Chongli, Hebei province.
  • The Chinese title translates to, "My Snowboard Girl.

Snow Lover Koh Gao Minrui Koh Gao Minrui as He Feng
Snow Lover Senior Xu Xiaonuo Senior Xu Xiaonuo as Wang Xiaoan
Snow Lover Kim Zhang Xin Kim Zhang Xin as Lin Jinjin
Snow Lover Zeng Kelang Zeng Kelang as Ye Nan
Snow Lover Yu Yijie Yu Yijie as He Jingxiao

Supporting Cast
Snow Lover China Web Drama
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Snow Lover China Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Snow Lover China Web Drama
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