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Monday 4 October 2021

My Country, My Parents

My Country, My Parents / My Fathers and Me China Movie
Movie: My Country, My Parents / My Fathers and Me
Chinese Title: 我和我的父辈 / Wo He Wo De Fu Bei
Release Date: September 30, 2021
Genre: Anthology, Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng, Shen Teng
Production Company: China Film Co. Ltd.
Origin: China
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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Set in four different periods, each social class and their struggles to forge ahead without forgetting their original aspirations is represented in the film. The familial relationships between individuals reflect the changes of the times and the succession of national spirit.

Riding the Wind (乘风)
During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, soldiers and civilians fought as the Jizhong Cavalry Regiment risked their lives to protect the masses.

Poetry (诗)
In 1969 when China launched their first man-made satellite, the story follows an ordinary family and depicts the hard work and selfless dedication of their parents towards aerospace.

Duck Prophet (鸭先知)
A story about the birth of the first TV commercial in Mainland China follows Zhao Pingyang and his son Dongdong as they become key figures in a new wave of innovation.

Youth Walk (少年行)
Robot "Xing Yihao" has a special mission that takes him from the year 2050 to 2021. He meets Xiaoxiao, a boy with scientific aspirations, and they become like father and son. Under the influence of his robot dad, Xiaoxiao chases after his dreams.

Fun Facts

  • It is the third part of the National Day trilogy that begin with My People, My Country in 2019 and My People, My Homeland in 2020.

My Country, My Parents Wu Jing Wu Jing as Ma Renxing
My Country, My Parents Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi as Mother
My Country, My Parents Shen Teng Shen Teng as Xing Yihao
My Country, My Parents Ma Li Ma Li as Ma Daiyu
My Country, My Parents Finn Han Haolin Finn Han Haolin as Zhao Xiaodong
My Country, My Parents Huang Xuan Huang Xuan as Father

Supporting Cast
My Country, My Parents / My Fathers and Me China Movie

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