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Thursday 16 September 2021


Model / Anchor Baby China Movie
Movie: Model / Anchor Baby
Chinese Title: 我是监护人 / Wo Shi Jian Hu Ren / 落地生 / Luo Di Sheng
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Family
Language: Mandarin
Director: Jing Ran
Screenwriter: Jing Ran, Guo Feifei, Laurel Minter
Producer: Sun Yaxiong, Wen Yuxiang, Sun Gaopeng, Jing Ran
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Shi Lu and her father drifted apart after he quietly remarried and put all his focus towards his new wife and newborn son while she was studying in the United States. Their conflicts reach a boiling point when Shi Lu's father and half-brother suddenly reappear in her life.

Shi Lu (Shang Yuxian) bears emotional scars from her father having started a new family without her. She tries to find a sense of belonging at work, but unexpectedly faces a problem with her visa. Just as she was becoming desperate, she suddenly receives a call from her estranged father (Wang Yanhui) asking her to take care of her half-brother Cody (Lin Jingzhe) who needs to undergo treatment in the US.

Shi Lu realizes that she can use her younger brother's American citizenship in order to secure a work visa so she agrees. Cody becomes the "most familiar stranger" to Shi Lu. In turn, she becomes even more conflicted in the face of all the troubles in her life as she temporarily assumes the responsibility of being Cody's "guardian." Cody's arrival brings much-needed family affection to Shi Lu. At this time, Cody accidentally goes missing while Shi Lu gets an invitation to work for her dream company. Standing at the crossroads, she must make a choice between family and personal aspirations. How will she choose?

Fun Facts

  • The Chinese title translates to, "I Am the Guardian."
  • On September 6, it was announced that the original release date for September 10, 2021 has been postponed.

Model Shang Yuxian Shang Yuxian as Shi Lu
Model Wang Yanhui Wang Yanhui as Father
Model Jeremy Lin Jingzhe Jeremy Lin Jingzhe as Cody
Model Tian Yuan Tian Yuan

Model / Anchor Baby China Movie
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Model / Anchor Baby China Movie
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