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Saturday 14 August 2021

Island Keeper

Island Keeper China Movie
Movie: Island Keeper
Chinese Title: 守岛人 / Shou Dao Ren
Release Date: June 18, 2021
Genre: Drama
Language: Mandarin
Director: Chen Li
Producer: Meng Qingfeng
Origin: China
Source: Based on a true story

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Island Keeper follows the story of Wang Jicai and his wife Wang Shihua who guarded Kaishan Island, a remote island off the coast of Jiangsu Province for 32 years.

Before his death, Wang Jicai was the militia sentry director of Kaishan Island in Guanyun County, Jiangsu Province. He and his wife made the island their home amidst harsh conditions and the sea their companion. The couple have dedicated their lives towards China's coastal defence.

Island Keeper Liu Ye Liu Ye as Wang Jicai
Island Keeper Gong Zhe Gong Zhe as Wang Shihua
Island Keeper Hou Yong Hou Yong as Wang Changjie
Island Keeper Sun Weimin Sun Weimin as Wang Jicai's Father
Island Keeper Zhang Yishan Zhang Yishan as Xiao Douzi
Island Keeper Chen Chuang Chen Chuang as Bao Zhengfu

Supporting Cast
Island Keeper China Movie
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Island Keeper China Movie
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