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Wednesday 25 August 2021

The Curse of Turandot

The Curse of Turandot China Movie
Movie: The Curse of Turandot
Chinese Title: 图兰朵魔咒缘起 / Tu Lan Duo Mo Zhou Yuan Qi
Release Date: October 15, 2021
Genre: Fantasy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zheng Xiaolong
Screenwriter: Wang Xiaoping
Production Company: Le Flower Film and TV
Producer: Cao Ping, Dun Yong
Origin: China
Source: Inspired by Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In order to expand their territory, the Great Khanate has sent troops to conquer a small country. The army accidentally brings back three bracelets that was an ancestral possession of the queen, thus igniting a curse that threatens to devour the empire.

In order to rescue his daughter Turandot (Guan Xiaotong), the arrogant emperor (Jiang Wen) has sent men to search high and low for a way to break the curse that has possessed her. Kalafu (Dylan Sprouse), an orphan who grew up in the Khanate since childhood, meets the princess and they fall in love. He vows to save her at the cost of his life without knowing that the curse is related to his own origins. At this time, the royal family is caught in the bloodshed that has been set off by the curse. A war-hungry general (Hu Jun) intends to use the magic of the three bracelets to seize power.

Fun Facts

  • Filming lasted 115 days from March 20, 2018 to July 12, 2018.
  • Jiang Wen guest stars while Sophie Marceau takes a special starring role.

The Curse of Turandot Gabrielle Guan Xiaotong Gabrielle Guan Xiaotong as Turandot
The Curse of Turandot Dylan Sprouse Dylan Sprouse as Kalafu
The Curse of Turandot Jiang Wen Jiang Wen as Da Han
The Curse of Turandot Hu Jun Hu Jun as Bo Yan Jiang Jun
The Curse of Turandot Sophie Marceau Sophie Marceau as Queen of Malvia
The Curse of Turandot Vincent Perez Vincent Perez as King of Malvia
The Curse of Turandot Jevon Wang Qianyue Jevon Wang Qianyue as Prince Wu Tong
The Curse of Turandot Collin Chou Collin Chou as Zhou Da
The Curse of Turandot Lin Siyi Lin Siyi as Liu Er
The Curse of Turandot Audrey Duo Audrey Duo as Turandot (Young)

The Curse of Turandot China Movie
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The Curse of Turandot China Movie
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Behind The Scenes
The Curse of Turandot China Movie
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