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Tuesday 10 August 2021


Dandelion China Drama
Drama: Dandelion
Chinese Title: 蒲公英 / Pu Gong Ying
Broadcast Network: Yunnan TV
Broadcast Date: February 27, 2004
Initial Broadcast Network: HBTV-6
Genre: Modern, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yu Jianfu
Screenwriter: Tao Hai
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xie Yanyan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A sad and touching story between Cheng Hao and a pair of twin sisters whose trajectory in life went into opposite extremes after they were separated due to their parents' divorce. When they meet again, they have to make a difficult choice between family and love.

Twin sisters Xia Bing and Xia Xue never saw each other again after being separated at a young age. Xue (Guan Ying) meets Cheng Hao (Hu Ge), a young man full of ideals, and they get married. Xia Bing (Sun Li) was not as fortunate having been abandoned by a heartless man. Nonetheless, she has successfully completed her degree in medicine.

Cheng Hao gets into an accident in his travel from Taiwan to Mainland China. Coincidentally, he is sent to the hospital where Xia Bing works. Suffering from amnesia, Cheng Hao gradually develops feelings for Bing. By the time his wife Xia Xue arrives, he is already deeply in love with Bing and has forgotten everything about his past with Xue.

Bing is devastated to learn that Cheng Hao is a married man and a father to a little girl. Fortunately, Wang Boshen (Yuan Hong) who has always been in love with her arrives in time to prevent a tragedy from happening. Xue is pained from the realization that her husband has changed beyond her recognition. At the same time, she learns that she has leukemia and the only cure is to find a match for the same bone marrow.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • It is Hu Ge's first television series. He was just a college sophomore at the time.
  • Hu Ge had to portray a six-year-old girl's father, which he thought was awkward. She kept calling him "dad" to help him get into character.
  • Hu Ge's first onscreen kiss was in Dandelion with Sun Li.

Dandelion Hu Ge Hu Ge as Cheng Hao
Dandelion Sun Li Sun Li as Xia Bing
Dandelion Terri Kwan Terri Kwan as Xia Xue
Dandelion Yuan Hong Yuan Hong as Wang Boshen
Dandelion Du Zhiguo Du Zhiguo as Wang Dong
Dandelion Patrick Tam Patrick Tam as Xia Zhongwen (Young)
Dandelion Hong Yixin Hong Yixin as Tian Qingqing
Dandelion Joy Pan Yi Jun Joy Pan Yi Jun as Zhao Xiangqing
Dandelion Tao Zeru Tao Zeru as Xia Zhongwen (Old)
Dandelion Kenneth Tsang Kong Kenneth Tsang Kong as Xia Zhongwen's Father
Dandelion Cheng Pei-pei Cheng Pei-pei as Zhao Xiangqing's Mother
Dandelion Kou Fung Kou Fung as Zhao Xiangqing's Father
Dandelion Lung Shao-hua Lung Shao-hua as Zhang Shikai

Dandelion China Drama

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