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Sunday 11 July 2021

Ossan's Love

Ossan's Love Hong Kong Web Drama
Web Drama: Ossan's Love
Chinese Title: 大叔的愛 / Da Shu De Ai
Broadcast Website: ViuTV
Broadcast Date: June 28, 2021
Genre: BL, Comedy
Language: Cantonese
Episodes: 15
Director: Lo Sze Lun
Origin: Hong Kong
Source: A Hong Kong remake of the 2018 J-Dorama "Ossan's Love"
Watch Episodes On: Viu

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tin Yat Hung, a single guy, has been unsuccessful in getting a girlfriend. One day, he discovers that his boss, KK, secretly collects photos of him and he soon learns that KK is in love with him. Unsettled by KK's bold confession and romantic pursuits, Tin Yat Hung seeks advice from his friends and discovers that his male coworker, Siu Muk, is also in love with him. Caught in a love triangle, Yat Hung navigates through his feelings for his two love interests.

Fun Facts

  • The title translates to, "Middle Aged Man's Love."
  • Edan Lui, Anson Lo and Stanley Yau are members of the Hong Kong cantopop group MIRROR formed through a ViuTV reality show.
  • The Hong Kong remake has 15 episodes due to added storylines as opposed to the original J-Dorama that was only 7 episodes.

Ossan's Love Edan Lui Edan Lui as Tin Yat Hung
Ossan's Love Kenny Wong Kenny Wong as KK
Ossan's Love Anson Lo Anson Lo as Ling Siu Muk
Ossan's Love Rachel Kan Rachel Kan as Francesca
Ossan's Love Stanley Yau Stanley Yau as Lui Chun Lam (Louis)

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