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Sunday 4 July 2021

My Blue Summer

My Blue Summer China Movie
Movie: My Blue Summer
Chinese Title: 暗恋 / An Lian
Release Date: June 2, 2022
Genre: Romance, School, Youth
Language: Mandarin
Director: Huang Bin, Brandon Q (Sheng Qiu)
Screenwriter: Ba Yue Chang An
Production Company: Wefun Entertainment
Origin: China
Related: My Best Summer
Source: A movie adaptation of the novel Unrequited Love (暗恋 橘生淮南) by Ba Yue Chang An

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Sheng Huainan is a name deep in Luo Zhi's heart for a very long time. He is like a ray of light to Luo Zhi who cannot help but look up and follow him.

The carving on the rooftop that said "Luo Zhi loves Sheng Huainan" represents Luo Zhi's declaration of love that she could never say out loud. Luo Zhi was looking forward to starting anew only to realize that Sheng Huainan is in the same university as her. The two gradually grow close, but don't dare to express their feelings. When real life pressures come one after another, what will become of this secret love?

Fun Facts

  • It is the sequel to the movie "My Best Summer" and part of the "Zhenhua Trilogy" by author Ba Yue Chang An although the actors playing Sheng Huainan and Luo Zhi are different.
  • The May 20, 2022 theatrical release has been postponed due to the pandemic.

My Blue Summer Sophie Zhang Xueying Sophie Zhang Xueying as Luo Zhi
My Blue Summer Xin Yunlai Xin Yunlai as Sheng Huainan
My Blue Summer Wu Jiacheng Wu Jiacheng as Zhang Mingrui
My Blue Summer Jackie Li Jiaqi Jackie Li Jiaqi as Zheng Wenrui
My Blue Summer Liu Lin Liu Lin as Luo Mu
My Blue Summer Guo Jinglin Guo Jinglin as Zhao Zong
My Blue Summer Li Ximeng Li Ximeng as Ye Zhanyan
My Blue Summer Jiang Hongbo Jiang Hongbo as Sheng Mu
My Blue Summer Qin Fen Qin Fen
My Blue Summer Dai Lele Dai Lele
My Blue Summer Ken'ichi Miura Ken'ichi Miura

Supporting Cast
My Blue Summer China Movie
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