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Friday 18 June 2021

A Fangirl's Romance

A Fangirl's Romance China Movie
Movie: A Fangirl's Romance
Chinese Title: 迷妹罗曼史 / Mi Mei Luo Man Shi
Release Date: May 28, 2021
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Language: Mandarin
Director: Qin Peng, Li Shaohong
Screenwriter: Bao Danlu, Yang Yunlin, Wang Peichen
Production Company: ROSAT, Bona Film
Chief Producer: Li Shaohong
Producer: Shen Yuqian
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

To stop his mother from lying to the whole world that singer Luo Dayou is his father, Gao Ge takes his mom all the way to Shenzhen to confront Luo Dayou himself.

When his mom (Yan Ni) has gone missing, Gao Ge (Sheng Yilun) begins searching for her whereabouts through the help of his good friend Doudou (Yu Xiaotong) and producer Yu Wei (Guo Shutong). Their journey leads them to discover his mother's wilder days and a legendary romance from her youth. After Gao Ge comes to understand the misconceptions he had towards his mother, they embark on a journey together to find his father.

Fun Facts

  • It was originally set for a 2018 premiere but was only released in 2021.
  • Zhou Dongyu and Wei Chen take special starring roles. 

A Fangirl's Romance Yan Ni Yan Ni as Gao Bei (Present)
A Fangirl's Romance Peter Sheng Yilun Peter Sheng Yilun as Gao Ge
A Fangirl's Romance Yu Xiaotong Yu Xiaotong as Dou Dou
A Fangirl's Romance Guo Shutong Guo Shutong as Yu Wei
A Fangirl's Romance Zhou Dongyu Zhou Dongyu as Gao Bei (90s)
A Fangirl's Romance Vision Wei Chen Vision Wei Chen as Ye Weijun (90s)
A Fangirl's Romance Qin Hailu Qin Hailu as Lu Lu
A Fangirl's Romance Huang Jue Huang Jue as Ye Weijun (Present)
A Fangirl's Romance Liu Xunzimo Liu Xunzimo as Liu Dehua
A Fangirl's Romance Ke Da Ke Da as Zhang Xueyou

A Fangirl's Romance China Movie
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A Fangirl's Romance China Movie
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