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Thursday 24 June 2021

Tears on Fire

Tears on Fire Taiwan Drama
Drama: Tears on Fire
Chinese Title: 火神的眼泪 / Huo Shen De Yan Lei
Broadcast Date: May 1, 2021
Genre: Action
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 10
Director: Tsai Yin-chuan
Origin: Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tears on Fire revolves around the four firefighters of the Tong'an Fire Brigade who see humanity in every rescue mission they face. The story not only allows viewers an in-depth look at the firefighters in action but also leads them into their hearts and inner conflicts.

Qiu Sir (James Wen) is a gentle man who is always ready to encourage his team when they are down. He is a loving husband and father, yet often falls into the dilemma of having to choose between family and work. Xu Ziling (Annie Chen) is the only female firefighter in Tong'an. She has a strong personality that refuses to admit defeat. She is determined to prove her abilities in the male-dominated field of firefighting. Xu Ziling's mother is her only family and she wants nothing more than to earn her recognition.

Zhang Zhiyuan (Austin Lin) is a girl magnet with his charming smile and handsome looks. Coming from a musical family, he has chosen to become a firefighter. However, repeated brushes with death has left him with "post-traumatic stress syndrome." Lin Yiyang (Liu Kuan-Ting) has a fiery temper and hates all kinds of injustices. As someone who emphasizes fairness above everything else, he will never hesitate to stand up against injustice even to the extent of offending his superiors for the sake of his comrades.

Tears on Fire James Wen James Wen as Qiu Hancheng
Tears on Fire Annie Chen Annie Chen as Xu Ziling
Tears on Fire Austin Lin Bo-Hong Austin Lin Bo-Hong as Zhang Zhiyuan
Tears on Fire Liu Kuan-Ting Liu Kuan-Ting as Lin Yiyang

Supporting Cast
Tears on Fire Taiwan Drama
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Tears on Fire Taiwan Drama
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