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Tuesday 25 May 2021

Binary Love

Binary Love China Web Drama
Web Drama: Binary Love
Chinese Title: 二进制恋爱 / Er Jin Zhi Lian Ai
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Tencent
Broadcast Date: May 27, 2022
Air Time: Fri-Sat 20:00 (2 eps) with 8 eps for VIP on premiere, Fri-Mon (1 ep) with 2 eps on premiere for non-VIP (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Romance
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 24
Director: Ming Yan
Screenwriter: Man Shengchong, Liu Yufan, Yang Shu, Chen Yinuo
Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Producer: Zhang Jing, Nie Wen, Li Eryun
Distributor: Upcoming Legend Media
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel Bei Da "Cha" Sheng (北大“差”生) by Po Po
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

In binary arithmetic, "1+1=10." Zhou Linlin's bubbly and imaginative personality was always the variable in math genius Fang Yuke's life. Their ten year relationship takes them from the campus to the workplace to their wedding day.

Zhou Linlin (Zhuang Dafei) is the type of student who is good at some subjects but fails terribly at others. Through the meticulous study plan laid out for her by straight-A student Fang Yuke (Ren Youlun), Linlin not only manages to catch up but also gains admission to the top university in the country.

After school started, the plain-spoken Zhou Linlin accidentally gets herself into a huge mess with rising tennis star Wen Tao (Liu Yuhang) and Fang Yuke’s good friend Xie Duanxi (Yang Bingzhuo). She also forms a sisterly bond with her dorm mates Ye Ruting (Hu Jiaxin) and Zhu Li (Qu Qinhan). Through the help of Dazui (Liu Shuyuan), Lao Ding (Wu Yijia) and many others, it looks like Fang Yuke's long-distance marathon of love has finally reached the finish line. However, Zhou Linlin and Fang Yuke encounter various tests along the way. Yet from beginning to end, for the two of them, there is only you.

Fun Facts

  • The booting ceremony was held on May 20, 2021.
  • It was announced on August 14, 2021 that filming of three months has completed.

Binary Love Sabrina Zhuang Dafei Sabrina Zhuang Dafei as Zhou Linlin
Binary Love Ren Youlun Ren Youlun as Fang Yuke

Supporting Cast
Binary Love China Web Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Binary Love China Web Drama
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Viewing Calendar
Jun 24 VIP finale, Jul 3 non-VIP finale

Binary Love China Web Drama

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