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Wednesday 10 March 2021

The Ghost Outlaws

The Ghost Outlaws China Movie
Movie: The Ghost Outlaws
Chinese Title: 幽灵毒枭 / You Ling Du Xiao
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Release Date: March 3, 2021
Genre: Action, Crime
Language: Mandarin
Director: Wei Yuhai
Screenwriter: Cheng Guang
Producer: Ma Shanna
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Anti-narcotics leader Ye Qihui and undercover cop Wan Lei cooperate from within and from outside to execute the arrest of a powerful drug lord and bring down the "Ghost" organisation run by the twin sisters.

Ye Qihui (Wang Fang), the leader of the Nanqing anti-drug enforcement receives a tip from undercover police Wan Lei (Gan Lu) that the largest drug ring in the city known as "Ghost" is preparing to dump their goods and flee overseas after a transaction with Ba Qing of Country K. Ye Qihui urgently deploys a sting operation. However, he never imagined that everything was a ploy by "Ghost" to weed out the undercover agents. The sting operation becomes a complete failure and results in several police officers dying in action.

After a thorough investigation, Ye Qihui determines that the mastermind behind "Ghost" is a blind restaurant owner named Lin Ying and her twin sister Lin Hui who is thought to be dead. Ye Qihui issues an order for his men to close the net in three days, vowing to wipe out "Ghost" and Ba Qing in one go under "Operation Zhongkui." Meanwhile, Wan Lei tries to regain the trust of "Ghost" hoping to bring down the organisation from the inside.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began on August 28, 2020 in Nanjing.

The Ghost Outlaws Wang Fang Wang Fang as Ye Qihui
The Ghost Outlaws Gan Lu Gan Lu as Wan Leili

Supporting Cast
The Ghost Outlaws China Movie

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