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Sunday 21 February 2021

The Story of Xing Fu

The Story of Xing Fu China Drama
Drama: The Story of Xing Fu
Chinese Title: 幸福到万家 / Xing Fu Dao Wan Jia
Broadcast Network: Beijing TV, Dragon TV
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: June 29, 2022
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (2 eps) except Sat (1 ep), online 22:00 for VIP, Mon-Fri (1 ep) for non-VIP week 2 onwards (See Viewing Calendar)
Genre: Rural
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Zheng Xiaolong, Yao Yuan
Screenwriter: Zhao Dongling
Executive Producer: Guo Yong, Dai Wei, Yan Aihua, Wang Jin
Producer: Cao Ping
Origin: China
Source: Adapted from the novel Qiu Ju Chuan Qi (秋菊传奇) by Chen Yuanbin
Watch Episodes On: Youtube (eng subs)

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of He Xingfu, a woman representing the new generation who continues to grow as she overcomes many tests in her career and marriage, love and family.

He Xingfu (Zhao Liying) is getting married. When her sister is humiliated at the wedding, she panics and ends up injuring village chief Wan Shantang's (Liu Wei) son Wan Chuanjia (Cao Zheng). Before the problem can be resolved, another one arises. A health products factory is being constructed and the farmland belonging to Xingfu's in-laws has been requisitioned. Xingfu bravely goes to court with Wan Shantang to obtain reasonable compensation.

Meanwhile, Xingfu loses a lot of blood as she goes into labor. Wan Shantang arranges for the villagers to donate blood to save her life which she is eternally grateful for. Unexpectedly, the letter of complaint that she had previously sent out has drawn the attention of disciplinary inspectors. Wan Shantang is so angry that he falls ill. Incurring the wrath of the villagers, Xingfu and her husband have no choice but to go to the city to work. However, urban life proves to be difficult for the young couple. Xingfu return to her hometown to start anew, ready to face the challenges lying ahead.

Ending Spoilers

Fun Facts

  • The Chinese title translates to "Xing Fu Arrives at Wanjiazhuang."
  • Filming lasted more than four months from September 19, 2020 to February 8, 2021.
  • Luo Jin takes a special starring role.
  • It reunites Zhao Liying with director Zheng Xiaolong after the 2007 drama Golden Wedding which was Zhao Liying's very first drama.
  • The Story of Xing Fu has changed the heroine's name to Xing Fu which means happiness.
  • Before the drama adaptation, Zhang Yimou directed the 1992 film The Story of Qiu Ju starring Gong Li which is adapted from the novel The Wan Family's Lawsuit (万家诉讼). Qiu Ju means Chrysanthemum.
  • It hit a heat index of 10,000 on Youku 5 days after premiere.

The Story of Xing Fu Zanilia Zhao Liying Zanilia Zhao Liying as He Xingfu
The Story of Xing Fu Luo Jin Luo Jin as Guan Tao
The Story of Xing Fu Liu Wei Liu Wei as Wan Shantang
The Story of Xing Fu Tang Zeng Tang Zeng as Wang Qinglai
The Story of Xing Fu Zhang Keying Zhang Keying as He Xingyun
The Story of Xing Fu Zhang Xiqian Zhang Xiqian as Wang Youde
The Story of Xing Fu Cao Zheng Cao Zheng as Wan Chuanjia
The Story of Xing Fu Chi Peng Chi Peng as Lin Guizhi
The Story of Xing Fu Feng Lei Feng Lei as Han Lushi
The Story of Xing Fu Song Jialun Song Jialun as Li Gongan

Supporting Cast
The Story of Xing Fu China Drama
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The Story of Xing Fu China Drama
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Behind The Scenes
The Story of Xing Fu China Drama
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Character Map
The Story of Xing Fu China Drama
Viewing Calendar
Jul 20 TV and VIP finale, Aug 19 non-VIP finale

The Story of Xing Fu China Drama

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