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Wednesday 3 February 2021

Armed Reaction 2021

Armed Reaction 2021 / Armed Reaction 5 China / Hong Kong Drama
Drama: Armed Reaction 2021 / Armed Reaction 5
Chinese Title: 陀枪师姐2021 / Tuo Qiang Shi Jie 2021
Broadcast Network: TVB
Broadcast Website: Tencent
Broadcast Date: January 25, 2021
Air Time: Mon-Wed 20:00 (2 eps), VIP can watch eps in advance
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Police
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Episodes: 40
Director: Dave Fong Chun Chiu
Production Company: Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), Tencent Penguin Pictures
Origin: China / Hong Kong

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

A female cop working a desk job gets transferred to a new team that specializes in solving cold cases. However, she is out of luck having to work under an impossible boss.

Diana (Jessica Hsuan) was perfectly happy working in file management and logistics at the police department. By chance, she assists police superintendent Chen Sanyuan (Joyce Tang) and Meng Hansen (Moses Chan) of the SDU unit in cracking a case. As a result, she is deployed by her boss Wei Zhanchao (Benz Hui) to join the investigative team. She then meets a group of police officers with "unique" characteristics.

 Under Hansen's leadership, they work on unsolved cases that have been forgotten. Unsatisfied with Diana's performance, Hansen is constantly provoking her and soon discovers that she is afraid of guns due to a prior trauma from being held at gunpoint. Somehow, their antagonistic relationship ignites sparks of a romance. Meanwhile, Diana crosses path Liu Dahua (Him Law), a student whose family was destroyed many years ago, and learns that he has become part of the triad. Driven by guilt, Diana tries to get back on her feet. Will she be able to become the next generation of armed policewomen?

Fun Facts

  • It is the fifth installment of the Armed Reaction franchise that began in 1998.
  • It features a new cast, new characters and a new story except for Joyce Tang who reprises her role.
  • It reunites Jessica Hsuan and Moses Chan after Line Walker: The Prelude.
  • The costume fitting press conference was held on June 9, 2020.
  • It was announced on June 29, 2020 that filming has wrapped.
  • The Chinese title translates to"The Gun Carrying Policewoman."

Armed Reaction 2021 Jessica Hsuan Jessica Hsuan as Dai Anna
Armed Reaction 2021 Moses Chan Moses Chan as Meng Hansen
Armed Reaction 2021 Joyce Tang Lai-ming Joyce Tang Lai-ming as Chen Sanyuan
Armed Reaction 2021 Him Law Tze-yat Him Law Tze-yat as Liu Dahua
Armed Reaction 2021 Benz Hui Benz Hui as Wei Zhanchao
Armed Reaction 2021 Tony Hung Tony Hung as Zhang Yaozhong
Armed Reaction 2021 Gloria Tang Gloria Tang as Xu Qianying
Armed Reaction 2021 Fred Cheng Fred Cheng as Cheng Baiqiang
Armed Reaction 2021 Gabriel Harrison Gabriel Harrison as Liang Zhaoxi
Armed Reaction 2021 Choo Mi Mi Choo Mi Mi as Er Meijie
Armed Reaction 2021 Lee Shing-cheong Lee Shing-cheong as Jin Haidong
Armed Reaction 2021 Angelina Lo Yuen-yen Angelina Lo Yuen-yen as Weng Luo Mei Lan
Armed Reaction 2021 Kayi Cheung Kayi Cheung as Weng Zhudi
Armed Reaction 2021 Mayanne Mak Mayanne Mak as Gu Qiling

Supporting Cast
  • Wo Bu Xiang Bie Li (我不想别离) by JW
  • Gan Ai Gan Hen (敢爱敢恨) by Dai Zu Yi (戴祖仪)
  • Xi Guan (习惯) by Gu Ya Wei (谷娅溦)

Armed Reaction 2021 / Armed Reaction 5 China / Hong Kong Drama
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Armed Reaction 2021 / Armed Reaction 5 China / Hong Kong Drama
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