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Friday 18 December 2020


Dreamland China Web Drama
Web Drama: Dreamland
Chinese Title: 画仙纪之双月 / Hua Xian Ji Zhi Shuang Yue
Broadcast Website: Youku
Broadcast Date: December 4, 2020
Genre: Romance, Xuanhuan
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 17
Director: Zhou Junfeng
Screenwriter: Li Chunxiao
Producer: Zheng Xiaohua
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Manhua artist Mi Xiaoxiao enters not one but two layers of a dream that takes her into the comic book "Jiuzhou Demon Story" that she created herself.

 Mi Xiaoxiao (Su Mengyun) is a girl who aspires to become a successful manhua artist. At a time when life has rendered her isolated and helpless, she falls ill with high fever and dreams that she has become part of the nine spirits demon realm from her own comic. In this bizarre environment, the laws of survival are cruel. In danger of beating "eaten" by higher level demons, Mi Xiaoxiao has several brushes with death and manage to "wake up" during the most critical moments. Mi Xiaoxiao forms a close bond with the main characters of the book like nine-tailed fox Shen Yuxin (Wang Xingkai), flying serpent Ji Lingyan (Zhang Kaiyi), dog demon Xiaotian (Tan Xu) and cat spirit Mo Yao (Cao Yucheng). Can the gang save the Nine Spirits Demon Realm from a huge calamity?

 To make matters worse, even Mi Xiaoxiao herself cannot guess the identity of the villain. Is there a bug in her very own story? Furthermore, Mi Xiaoxiao has only entered her first dream. In her second dream, another Shen Yuxin has come to the real world! Having the ability to go back and forth between dimensions, Mi Xiaoxiao whose role as the author enables her to possess "God's hand" tries her very best to rewrite the fates of the characters that she has come to know and love. Unknowingly, she has created a butterfly effect that has now gone beyond her control...

Fun Facts

  • Filming ended on November 16, 2017.
  • Filming took place in Kaihua, Zhejiang province.

Dreamland Su Mengyun Su Mengyun as Wang Hou
Dreamland Wang Xingkai Wang Xingkai as Shen Yuxin

Supporting Cast
  • Zhang Kaiyi as Ji Lingyan
  • Tan Xu as Xiao Tian
  • Cao Yucheng as Mo Yao
  • Fan Junliang as Liu Er
  • Li Hongquan as Zhu Zongjian
  • Luo Yihang as Qi Yan
  • Lu Jinhao as Xiao Duo
  • Li Xiaolei as Mo Di
  • Deng Haitao as He Shile
  • Wang Xiaofeng as Zhi Duoshao
  • Zhu Zhongjin as Cang Yi Chang Lao
  • Hu Shuoyu as Hou Qing
  • Tian Weichen as Shen Yu Xin (Young)
  • Shen Wenjun as Yu Wang
  • Li Xiaoyu as Chun Hua
  • Wu Sijun as Qiu Yue
  • Li Donglun as Yu

Dreamland China Web Drama
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Dreamland China Web Drama
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