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Wednesday, 16 December 2020

The Rescue

The Rescue China Movie
Movie: The Rescue
Chinese Title: 紧急救援 / Jin Ji Jiu Yuan
Release Date: December 18, 2020
Genre: Action
Language: Mandarin
Director: Dante Lam
Screenwriter: Dante Lam
Cinematographer: Peter Pau
Production Company: China Communications Press Co. Ltd., China Modern Film and Television Development Company Limited (CMFT), Emperor Motion Pictures, Tencent Pictures, Bona Film Group
Executive Producer: Cheng Wu
Chief Producer: Candy Leung Fung Ying
Origin: China
Source: Based on a real maritime rescue operation
Production Designer: Martin Laing
Special Effects: John Frazier

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Their team's ace captain Gao Qianhe works together with his good friend Zhao Cheng and other rescuers to complete the mission of saving lives in the face of a major catastrophe.

An overturned drilling platform, a fuel truck swept downstream and a fully loaded passenger plane that has crashed into the sea require immediate assisstance. The team led by Gao Qian (Eddie Peng), pilot Fang Yuling (Xin Zhihlei) and Zhao Cheng (Alan Wang Yanlin) are always the first to respond to every emergency. Amidst raging fire and water, they repeatedly put their lives on the line to fight against natural and man-made disasters.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began on November 11, 2018 and officially wrapped on May 16, 2019.
  • Filming took place in China and Mexico.
  • The cast underwent 1 month of intensive training before filming began. They learned the basics of a rescue operation and trained physically for their roles.
  • Eddie Peng insisted on shooting an underwater rescue scene without a stand-in. He was immersed in water temperatures as low as 7 degrees for more than ten hours until his eyes were bloodshot.
  • It was part of the Spring Festival movie lineup for January 25, 2020 that was cancelled due to the worsening coronavirus epidemic in China.

The Rescue Eddie Peng Eddie Peng as Gao Qian
The Rescue Ian Wang Yanlin Ian Wang Yanlin as Zhao Cheng
The Rescue Xin Zhilei Xin Zhilei as Yu Ling
The Rescue Lyric Lan Yingying Lyric Lan Yingying as Wen Shan
The Rescue Wang Yutian Wang Yutian as An Peng
The Rescue Andrew Xu Yang Andrew Xu Yang as Bai Yang
The Rescue Mario Li Mincheng Mario Li Mincheng as Liu Bin
The Rescue Zhang Guoqiang Zhang Guoqiang as Pan Zhengjun
The Rescue Guo Xiaodong Guo Xiaodong as Ding Yi
The Rescue Wei Daxun Wei Daxun as Huo Da
The Rescue Carlos Chan Carlos Chan as Lin Weiquan
The Rescue Liu Yichun Liu Yichun as Tang Min
The Rescue Yuan Fufu Yuan Fufu as Xia Jie

The Rescue China Movie
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The Rescue China Movie

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