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Sunday, 30 August 2020


Sisyphus China Web Drama
Web Drama: Sisyphus
Chinese Title: 在劫难逃 / Zai Jie Nan Tao
Broadcast Website: iQIYI
Broadcast Date: September 2, 2020
Genre: Crime, Science Fiction, Suspense
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 12
Director: Wu Bai
Screenwriter: Zhen Fuqun, Ren Ge, Ma Siyu
Production Company: iQIYI Pictures, Give Me Five
Executive Producer: Gong Yu
Chief Producer: Wang Xiaohui
Producer: Dai Ying
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Sisyphus is known in Greek mythology as the king who was condemned to repeatedly roll a boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again. This story follows a father who is stuck in a time loop as he desperately tries to find his daughter's killer.

Zhang Haifeng (Wang Qianyuan) is a father mourning the death of his daughter Duoduo. Devastated by her sudden loss two years ago, he quits his job as a detective and gets caught in an endless chase for the serial murderer who killed her. After finding new evidence, Zhang Haifeng narrows down the case to a mysterious suspect (Luhan) but they both die during the chase.

When he wakes up, Zhang Haifeng finds that he has gone back in time. Grasping at the chance, Zhang Haifeng realizes that he will be forever stuck in the time loop unless he finds the truth about the killer, the people around him and most importantly, his daughter's death.

Fun Facts

  • It is the fourth drama in the suspense thrillers that are part of iQIYI's Light On Theater.
  • It is Luhan's first time playing a villain.
  • Filming started in May 2019 and wrapped in August 2019.

Sisyphus Wang Qianyuan Wang Qianyuan as Zhang Haifeng
Sisyphus Lu Han Lu Han as Zhao Binbin
Sisyphus Qi Xi Qi Xi as Zhao Min
Sisyphus Bridgette Qiao Xin Bridgette Qiao Xin as Sun Xiaomeng
Sisyphus Wu Yue Wu Yue as Qiao Xin
Sisyphus Angel Zhang Haoran Angel Zhang Haoran as Liu Yuqi

Supporting Cast
Sisyphus China Web Drama
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Sisyphus China Web Drama
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Character Map
Sisyphus China Web Drama

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