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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Like a Flowing River 2

Like a Flowing River 2 China Drama
Drama: Like a Flowing River 2
Chinese Title: 大江大河2 / Da Jiang Da He 2
Broadcast Network: Dragon TV, Zhejiang TV
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Tencent, Youku
Broadcast Date: December 20, 2020
Air Time: Daily Primetime Drama 19:30 (2 eps) except Saturday (1 ep), released online 22:00, next-day for non-VIP
Genre: Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 39
Director: Huang Wei
Screenwriter: Tang Yao
Production Company: Daylight Entertainment
Executive Producer: Hou Hongliang
Producer: Kong Sheng
Filming Location: Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu
Origin: China
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Source: Adapted from the novel Da Jiang Dong Qu by A Nai

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Continuing the first season, Like a Flowing River II follows the story of Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao and Yang Xun as they take part in China’s economic reform from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Song Yunhui (Wang Kai) has been promoted as the youngest deputy leader in Donghai Chemical. He brings his family to live with him in Donghai, but his wife Cheng Kaiyan’s (Zhou Fang) laziness and distrust take a toll on their marriage that eventually ends in divorce. With his innate business capabilities, Song Yunhui continues to take up leadership roles thus bringing his team success as they complete project after project. Sadly, Song Yunhui's climb in the corporate ladder instills envy in those around him...

Xiao Lei's family business keeps growing with the times, yet a small blunder in the safety procedures causes a massive explosion in their copper factory. Lei Dongbao (Yang Shuo) is charged with bribery and sentenced to jail. After being released, he starts his own business as an electrical distributor. Wei Chunhong (Lian Lian), on the other hand, is always by his side, supporting and encouraging him.

Arriving in Donghai to seek opportunities, Yang Xun (Dong Zijian) finds success in the current markets. While working with Liang Sizhong (Ora Yang), he starts to admire and develop feelings for her all while he continues to create fake accounts that harm the company. Liang Sizhong’s father discovers this and intervenes, dealing a huge blow to Yang Xun’s career. As Yang Xun falls to the lowest point in his life, he finds comfort in someone close to him.

Fun Facts

  • Filming began on November 11, 2019 and wrapped on April 24, 2020.
  • Filming took place in Beilun District of Ningbo in Zhejiang province, China.
  • On January 26, 2020, it was the first production to announce that filming has been temporarily suspended to ensure the safety of the cast and crew due to the coronavirus epidemic.
  • As the character of Yang Xun ages till he is in his 30's and 40's, actor Dong Zijian who is only 25 had to make a lot of preprations for the role.
  • Since Wang Kai's character rises to a position of leadership in season 2, fans no longer have to worry that he will have to lose any weight for the role like he did in season 1.
  • With the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in China, filming was temporarily halted for some time before it was resumed.

Like a Flowing River 2 Wang Kai Wang Kai as Song Yunhui
Like a Flowing River 2 Yang Shuo Yang Shuo as Lei Dongbao
Like a Flowing River 2 Dong Zijian Dong Zijian as Yang Xun
Like a Flowing River 2 Ora Yang Caiyu Ora Yang Caiyu as Liang Sishen
Like a Flowing River 2 Zhou Fang Zhou Fang as Cheng Kaiyan
Like a Flowing River 2 Huo Qing Huo Qing as Ma Baoping
Like a Flowing River 2 Lian Lian Lian Lian as Wei Chunhong
Like a Flowing River 2 Feng Hui Feng Hui as Cheng Hanchang
Like a Flowing River 2 Zhao Da Zhao Da as Xun Jianxiang
Like a Flowing River 2 Qi Kui Qi Kui as Han Zegang
Like a Flowing River 2 Guo Hong Guo Hong as Yang Mu
Like a Flowing River 2 Zhao Yang Zhao Yang as Yu Shanqing
Like a Flowing River 2 Yang Lixin Yang Lixin as Shui Shuji
Like a Flowing River 2 Li Guangjie Li Guangjie as Lu Xiaodi

Supporting Cast
Like a Flowing River 2 China Drama
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Like a Flowing River 2 China Drama
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Behind The Scenes
Like a Flowing River 2 China Drama
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