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Saturday 27 April 2019

The World Between Us

The World Between Us Taiwan Drama
Drama: The World Between Us
Chinese Title: 我们与恶的距离 / Wo Men Yu E De Ju Li
Broadcast Network: Public Television Service (PTS)
Broadcast Date: March 24, 2019
Genre: Drama, Modern
Language: Mandarin
Episodes: 10
Director: Lin Junyang
Screenwriter: Lu Shiyuan
Origin: Taiwan

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

What makes a person good and what makes a person bad, is there ever a right answer? An undifferentiated homicidal case shakes the lives of families with conflicting viewpoints and different stories to tell.

A family's hopes and dreams are shattered when their child becomes a hapless victim. A family whose son committed heinous acts is forced to evade the judging eyes of the public. A lawyer doing his job is admonished for defending a death row convict. A sister experiences a difficult lesson in life when her younger brother falls sick. When faced with situations that can befall anyone, how does one cope?

Fun Facts

  • During the finale party, screenwriter Lu Shih-yuan revealed that they were prepararing for a season 2. No contracts have been signed so everything is up in the air and still in the planning stages.

The World Between Us Alyssa Chia Alyssa Chia as Song Qiaoan
The World Between Us James Wen James Wen as Liu Zhaoguo
The World Between Us Chris Wu Chris Wu as Wang She
The World Between Us Tracy Chou Tracy Chou as Ding Meimei
The World Between Us Chen Yu Chen Yu as Li Dazhi
The World Between Us Pets Tseng Pets Tseng as Si Yue

Supporting Cast
The World Between Us Taiwan Drama
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The World Between Us Taiwan Drama
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