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Sunday 10 February 2019

Ala Changso

Ala Changso China Movie
Movie: Ala Changso
Chinese Title: 阿拉姜色 / A La Jiang Se
Release Date: October 26, 2018
Language: Tibetan
Director: Song Taijia
Screenwriter: Tashi Dawa, Sonthar Gyal
Producer: Liao Xi
Origin: China

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Synopsis and Plot Summary

Ala Changsoo is the title of a Tibetan folk song that means "please drink this cup of good wine." The film explores the story of a young mother with a terminal illness who goes on a pilgrimage to Lhasa to fulfill the last wishes of her former husband.

Drolma (Nyima Sungsung) insists on going on a pilgrimage to Lhasa, but hides her terminal illness from her husband Dorje (Yungdrung Gyal). When he finds out the truth later on, he tries to convince her to get treatment to no avail and has no choice but to let her go. Dorje decides to accompany Drolma on the journey and brings along Norbu (Sechok Gyal), her son from her previous husband. Although difficult and emotional, the journey paves the way for a road of self-discovery for the family.

Ala Changso Yungdrung Gyal Yungdrung Gyal as Dorje
Ala Changso Nyima Sungsung Nyima Sungsung as Drolma
Ala Changso Sechok Gyal Sechok Gyal as Norbu

Ala Changso China Movie
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Ala Changso China Movie
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